Susan Sarandon on Pope Benedict XVI: Nazi!

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Susan Sarandon is an outspoken liberal who has once again generated controversy with a statement.

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Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, says Sarandon is "a despicable person" who "doesn't know what she's talking about" when it comes to the pope's past.

During an interview over the weekend at the Hamptons Film Festival, the Oscar winner talked about sending a copy of the book "Dead Man Walking" to the pope and said: "The last one [Pope John Paul II], not this Nazi one we have now.”

Of course, it has come out that Pope Benedict actually was a member of the Hitler Youth party as a child, something required of boys his age at the time. But reps made it clear he never had any "active participation" in the group.

Sarandon drew laughter from the crowd at the event when she dropped this N word in reference to the pope a second time.

What do you think of the actress' claim? It's...


Ignorance kills. She is really stupid for saying sumting lyk that. Cud she even define a 'Nazi'? Ignorance kills.


Well done Sue! Many of us Britsh are right with you on this one.


Given that catholicism condemns millions to a painful death due to its stance on contraception, specifically condoms, I find her comments to be painfully accurate.

Gail wakefield

WOW, how ignorant is she.


I admire Susan Sarandon as an actress and as someone who speaks her mind and follows her heart. HOWEVER, why don't we cut the references to Hitler and Nazis, etc.......and get back to the business of living for TODAY, and doing what we can for ourselves in this rough world, and do what we can for our fellow passengers on this road we travel together.


Oh, lighten up. It's only the Poop, he's really not God!


@Gay Storm: THAT'S NOT WHAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH MEANS!!!! My goodness, someday people will learn that the First Amendment only guarantees one cannot be persecuted for one's opinion.
If someone says something dumb, of course others are allowed to respond to it.


We may or may not agree with someone's opinion; nevertheless, last time I checked, this country's consitution guarantees Freedom of Speech, so she can voice her opinion about whoever she wants, even the Pope. Remember, when you start deciding what freedoms other people have or don't have, your freedoms are in jeopardy.


I wish actors would learn to realize that they will get more fans to watch there movies if they would keep there opinions quiet. It really makes them look like idiots when they talk politics or start name calling. Some of them have let there fame go to there heads thinking that they are "the Know it alls" When really in reality they know nothing at all. She just proved to me that she must be having a hard time finding now she must take her bitterness out on someone and why not the pope. She would be funny to watch in a debate about real issues...then everyone could see how empty handed she actually is when it comes to facts. But really most americans already know and usually forget what she said. She is a good actress tho.

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