Susan Boyle Performs "Unchained Melody" on Dancing with the Stars

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While Julianne Hough returned to Dancing with the Stars last night and jived her way into our hearts, Susan Boyle took the opposite approach.

The mega talented singer simply stood at the microphone during the competition's latest results show and belted out a version of "Unchained Melody." Look for the track to be included on Boyle's new album, "To Watch Over Me," which comes out on November 1.

Boyle is using the reality TV platform in general to promote the CD. Last month, she performed "You Have To Be There" on America's Got Talent.

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Her voice was only about 40% of what it was when she made her first appearance on Britain's Got Talent. She must be fifty by now, and the voice goes fast after the forties. Pity.


I don't think this was Susan's best performance, but if you listen to the song as recorded on her CD, she certainly lives up to her superb talent! My congratulations to Susan!


At first I thought it was bad but by the middle and end it was in its way the most exquisite version of this song I've ever heard, the song of someone struggling with deep loneliness and even some despair over someone you might never see again. Some notes were off but the overall pacing was perfect for presenting the song this way. The dancing was a mixed bag, a little distracting, dancers should have been apart from each other on opposite sides of the stage. Wikipedia says there are 500 versions of this!
This was unique.


Thought the performance flat and emotionless and considering the song, it's not easy making that song bad.

Carol worth

It wasn't her best. I felt nervous for her the entire time. I felt HER nerves. She looked lovely! Wish she'd chosen a different song. I will always love her, though. The dancers bothered me. Too much "jerkiness." I know it was supposed to be dramatic but whatever happened to "smooth" dancing? Anyone else feel like me?


I am glad she overcame the critical comments of her first performances. I believe she is doing very well.. She was pretty too. Yeah for Susan,good job!!!


She has a lovely voice!!!!!


Not her best, but she was trying to sing in tempo to the dance. I still think she is spectacular.


Nobody can express passionate longing better than Susan Boyle. A soul singer, if there ever was one. She is becoming a great artist


Sounded ghastly, simply awful.

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