Spotted: Jessica Simpson, Unconfirmed Baby Bump

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If Jessica Simpson is trying to hide the fact that she's pregnant, she needs to try harder. She showed off what appears to be a very prominent baby bump Sunday.

Reports that Jessica is pregnant with her fiancé Eric Johnson's child have not been commented on by the former singer/actress, despite lingering for weeks now.

But at the airport, she had her jacket open, bump visible for all to see ...

Jessica Simpson, Baby Bump

Jessica Simpson, her future offspring and some girl at LAX.

The 30-year-old is planning to make her public baby announcement any day now and is rumored to be shopping an exclusive interview with a $500,000 asking price.

So far, there are no takers.

We can see why, seeing that Jessica Simpson isn't exactly all the rage these days and everyone already knows she's pregnant anyway. We'll give you $50, Jess. Deal?

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people are always watchin that poor girls gut size! If shes not pregnant this time why dont we move on to something else?!


Who really cares if Jessie is pregnant or not. If she wants to announce that she is having a baby, or not, that is strictly her
business. The rest of the world should take her lead and attend to their own business and stay out of hers. Get some business of your
own and get a life people. And Deedee there are no bastard babies, just bastard parents. Hope you don't fall into that category.


I have no idea who this woman is. When I've heard the name I assumed it was a character on 'The Simpsons' but I've never seen that show.


Maybe shes not pregnant she could be just fat


Her weight has gone up and down for years. Who's to know, or care.


Nahh that's not a baby bump...she's just getting fatter


I'm thinking the fiance was about to back out of the wedding and this was the only way to keep him. Although they haven't walked down the aisle yet. Also, it's another way to upstage Nick who has actually moved on with much more dignity.


I think Jessica Simpson should name her baby, Oxnard, after Oxnard, CA. That way, Ashley has an East Coast baby name and Jessica has a West Coast baby name. Jus Suggestin.


Maybe she's decided she doesn't need to make public pronouncements anymore you guys are doing it for her?


Maybe it's just "The 30 year Spread" ??


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