Sophia Grace Brownlee Turns Her Swag On

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Five-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee already has a bona fide viral video hit with her "Super Bass" cover, which has garnered more than 3.3 million views, one of whom was Nicki Minaj herself, who Tweeted: "I HAVE to meet her. She is a SUPERSTAR!!!"

High praise.

With an appearance to follow on Ellen this Thursday, might Sophia be the next Greyson Chance? plucked from YouTube and turned into a star. We shall find out.

For now, enjoy a SECOND Sophia cover! This time, the pint-sized princess covers the Keri Hilson version of Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On." Get your view on below ...

Sophia Brace Grownlee:

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this song is not age-appropriate (not for kids). nicki minaj even looked kinda shocked and asked them if they understood the lyrics of the song...good that they did not...also good that advised them to go to school first, and that music is second. parents should not allow kids to sing and dance to this kind of music, and/or watch this kind of video


God can people not get over the song..she's a great singer..she's only 8 she don't know what te meaning of the songs are..she likes them and can sing them


This little Angel is talented - Just the fact that she is so personable and happy and makes you smile - She and her little Cousin are just Too cute together - What a future she has ahead of her - and her little cousin will be there also - God has smiled on so many young and talented artists through the YouTube - How many others are out there - just waiting to be discovered -


GREAT voice. Song definitely NOT age appropriate.


i wish her talent wasnt being wasted on crappy songs! this little girl is too good to be singing dumb songs like that. i hope to see more of her singing songs that will show off her talent ^_^


shes gunna go far

Jennifer miller

This girl really can sing.


Gurl keep rockin


You go little girl!!! Awesome! This little girl is a super Star!!!
Keep it up! and you will be the attitude Diva Singer of all time!!