Sophia Grace Brownlee Covers Nicki Minaj, "Super Bass"

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Sophia Grace Brownlee, a little girl far too young to be singing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," has done so online. And, inappropriateness aside, she nails the thing.

Right down to Minaj's accent, the youngster shows off serious talent and looks pretty darn adorable in a princess outfit, backed up with her even littler sister.

While belting out lyrics like "Somebody please tell them who the eff I is." Nice.

It's hilarious, disturbing and musically impressive, all at the same time. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, you best step off. This "Super Bass" cover tops all:

This little girl singing Nicki Minaj ...


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the other little girl is her cousin who is 5 not her sister!


very cute i love it with her mom support she will become someone in the future my god bless her..keep up the good jod..


i love this two little girls...


oh my god this girl is awesome i hope wen she groww up she could be a singer just like niki minaj


She was greatI see everyone want to say something negative that means nothing. Wow her mom allowed her to sing a song and she didnt say the curse word so get over yourselves honestly. Did you parent all the right decsions obviously not ur judging a child who the fuck are u opp I said a bad word! Rock on lil mama do your thang you are a star!!!! Screw what the losers who wish the had a once of talent are say they are a non-muthafucki'n-factor!


People are always so quick to judge! She is too cute! Follow your dreams Sophia! You and your little cousin are great. Hip Hop is Alive! I agree with Nina!


I think she's awesome and did a fantastic performance. People stop looking for the negative and give credit to a little girl who pulled this off wonderfully, it's not an easy song to sing. Loved the bridge.
Sweetheart, you have talent I hope you follow your dreams.


Wow she is so amazing, the other little girl is so funny. I think she is so good. How can you not think that? You people are crazy that is a very hard song to sing and she is only 8. I think her Mom picked the right song so cute. You go girl.


Most of you just need to get a life she is amazing and im so proud of her,i agree with nina.....she doesnt even say the word, at least she has talent. so stick it were the sun dont SHINE!!! :) :) :)


Yes she can sing really well but I think the Mom should have chosen something more appropriate for her age. She has a lot of talent.