Sister Wives Recap: The Talk, Polygamy Style!

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If last week's Sister Wives season premiere taught us anything, it's that life in a polygamist household entails a different spin on some of life's rites of passage.

Case in point from last night's episode: "The Talk."

As in the talk about s-e-x. How does a man with four wives and 17 kids (or something, we lost count) broach this topic? What values does Kody Brown instill?

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In the living room of one of the family's new Nevada homes, the Brown Bomber took charge, telling the kids he doesn't want them to date in high school.

That did not exactly go over well.

"You should not be sexual until you've graduated high school ever," he said, adding that he'd "prefer" they wait until marriage to become sexually active.

"I don't really want to talk about my daughters marrying ... or dating," Brown says later. Understandable, given that he's married four people's daughters.

Meanwhile, Kody, Janelle and Christine are all looking for new jobs and decided to look into real estate. Wouldn't you know it, their realtor needs help.

They need to wait six weeks to get their licenses, but the trio helped set up some open houses and appeared to enjoy it at least. We wish them luck.

The most significant development last night was when Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn, dealt with a scary possibility regarding her pregnancy.

Kody and Robyn were facing a miscarriage head-on.

The pair announced they were expecting last week, but Robyn said she'd had some "symptoms" and wanted to head to the doctor as a precaution.

Kody and Robyn were "emotional devastated" thinking of the unthinkable, but after a tense few moments, the little one's heartbeat came through.

Filled with relief, Robyn started crying. Kody texted a worried Meri to let her know the good news. All is right in Casa Brown, at least for one week.

What did you think of this week's Sister Wives? Can he really stop the kids from dating? How many kids is too many? Will they be good realtors?


What kind of religion is this? My understanding of the Bible is that a man shall leave his mother & father and cling to his WIFE (not WIVES).
I could not sleep with my husband knowing that his hands, lips, body and words of love were also being shared with other women. Do they ever wonder if he enjoys being with one of the other wives (Robyn, probably) more than them?
It's just not normal to willingly share a man. I just don't see how these women can stand to look at each other, (or Kody) when they each know what is going on when he is behind closed doors with the others. I think you would have to have very low self esteem to live like this. Religion? Ha!


And obviously they are getting well paid for doing the show, and that's how they afford all of those homes. They are probably still getting unemployment, too, and food stamps.


i also wonder how can they afford the car 4 houses.and if they do get charges brought up against them .whats gonna happen to all the kids if they go to jail?


i do watch the show even tho i dont understand how they all have new homes, furniture, kody fancy sports car. my opinion is well not so good. i feel sorry for the children. trying to ineract moving to vegas now. i think kody is very errogant.i dont feel he should have any say so how the children feel and discipline. i raised my own 6 children. all equal and kody does have favorite from wife to kids.


"What I found so disturbing was that Robyn and at least three of the kids had a Herpes 1 outbreak and Kody was kissing Robyn on the lips with the break out. I'm sure by the end of the episode, the whole family was exposed." I was thinking the same thing. Kody should think of the rest of the family before he kisses his wife with herpes. I don't know if she was the one who brought it into the family or not, but there's no reason to spread it to the other wives and children. He can go a few days without kissing her on the lips.


i find it sad,for all the women involved, he doesnt really love them,imagine what its like to know you husband is in bed with another. it makes me angry every time i see it, i do watch it once in awhile because i cant understand how these women think! i think it shows how men and women are different,he only thinks about reproducing .but what are the women thinking,do they only want children? and no closeness....i can just imagine if my husband wanted another wife ,i would tell him to go get one and i would have his bags packed for him


Makes me furious! What is wrong with these people? Why is it ok that Cody gets to take turns sleeping with 4 different women? (and rub it in by getting them preggo). Why would any self respecting woman be willing to share her husband with 3 other women??? Not normal!
How would Cody like it if each of his wives were having sex with 3 other men besides him? I'm sure he wouldn't stand for it!


Do these women realize only Meri is really legally "married" to him? The rest are sister mistresses and what he is doing is adultry. As single parents, these 3 moms collect welfare for each of their kids. That's why Robyn was in such a rush to get preggers, so she could collect welfare as soon as possible. Both Sister Wives and the Duggars are a cult, which is when one person has total control over the lives of others. BTW...the Duggars live off the mega-money they make on the show. They also claim their house as a church so they don't have to pay taxes. Jim Bobo is very slick and knows all the tricks to get free money. The kids all wear old used clothes, girls don't have shoes, just flip flops, and noone especially the girls have any life outside the "cult", and spend all their time taking care of the younger ones, cleaning and cooking while Jim Bobo impregnates Michelle.


Does anyone know where they get the $$$ to support that large family? I know the Duggars invested in and own real estate which they rent, and that they've never taken or needed a dime in government assistance. How about this family?


Jill - "I find it pretty telling when one of the daughters said she does not want to have sisters wives because she does not want to deal with the jealousy and drama....hum...if thats her first thought on the issue than that is what she has seen as an example. I suspect these kids have seen tears, frustration, and pain watching their Mothers deal with the lifestyle they try so hard to defend." It's clear at least that daughter has seen something, isn't it.

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