Sister Wives Recap: So Much Jealousy!

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"Sometimes, I don't like this."

Pretty much. Being married to one woman is hard enough. Imagine four! Or think about sharing your husband with three other women. Not what we signed up for ...

Only for Kody Brown and his quartet of spouses, they did sign up for it. This is what they do, and like all of us, their lives feature drama and tension beneath the surface.

Unlike all of us, there's a TLC show devoted to the Browns ...

Robyn, Meri, Janelle, Christine Brown

So what went down last night? While Kody was excited to announce the sex of Robyn's baby, he reflected on the problems he faced with his first three marriages.

Marriages that are still going on, of course.

Christine, with whom he's currently having serious marital discord, expressed frustration with the family's new Las Vegas living situation. It's been an adjustment.

She is lonely. She feels Kody coddles Robyn, although she adores Kody and Robyn. It's just that he leaves for four days at a time, and frankly that blows (our words).

The Brown Bomber muses that "jealousy creeps in when one wife says in her mind 'he loves her more than me.'" Dude, when ya got four of 'em, that's inevitable.

In spite of all that, Kody is quick to note that "I've loved [Christine] all my life." Ditto first wife Meri, whom he calls his "soul mate," and who's in it for the long haul.

With Janelle, Kody says their strongest bond is their kids. Speaking of, Robyn's unborn child, the family's 17th in all, is totes going to be a ... boy baby! NICE!

Sister Wives Picture

When Robyn told the doctor that Kody had four wives and 17 kids, his reaction was just priceless, even though he had to know it was coming, being filmed and all.

His take? "That's, I guess, cool." I guess. Gotta love Nevada, where people could pretty much not give a bleep as long as you're otherwise law-abiding. And paying.

That brings us to Kody's other goal, besides marital stability. Dude isn't made of money, and that is a lot of mouths to feed. So how will he accomplish that task?

By going into business with all four of his wives. Somehow. His initial idea is a family food franchise that is health oriented. The wives? Less than enthusiastic.

Hey, TLC isn't gonna front all their living costs for life. Better figure something out, gang. What did you think of this installment of Sister Wives? Sound off below!

Ginger ruybalid buss

How could any woman be happy sharing her "husband" with other women. She knows what goes on in the bedroom. Proof is all of the kids that he has with four different women. Why does Kody keep looking for other "wives". Isn't he satisfied with the first wife and only legitimate wife that he has. Do they realize that out of all of those kids only one is legitimate? Then there is the question of how are these families all supported financially? They left Utah and no one has a job now. And yet they can afford rent for four houses, furniture for four houses and they can always put food on the table and trhow parties. Do they have a money tree or is TLC footing the bill for all of them. I watch the show because I am blown away that these five people feel that living this way is good and healthy. There is no way that the woman can live without jealousy or resentment.


four days ago TV show commented that these unmarried wives collect welfare check,plus , and that their homes are tax free, because they are used as their churches. If this is true its quite a rackett.
Which proves that some can have their cake and eat it too.


My biggest problem with this show is that it belongs on a different network, TLC having so many family shows - I've tried expressing this opinion on the TLC forums, respectfully, four or five times and have been banned as many times - ran out of email addresses. They are not interested in any viewer complaints.


Last night's show made me very sad. I kept catching sight of Christine's beautiful baby and remembering that there was no such big deal made of that pregnancy as there is of Robin's, just a year or so later. In fact, he was necking with Robin while Christine was in labor in the hospital. Christine would love to walk out the door, but she has six kids or is it five? WTH can she do? I am fascinated with the show, but last night, I had the "ick" factor big time. None of their teenagers want to follow their polygamous lifestyle. To me, that says it all.


first there are health issues when sharing multiple partners !i was courted at 18 by a wonderful guy in the most romantic manner many years have passed and he still looks at me and smiles and says how beautiful he still finds me i would have it no other way than to experience what a real man is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this kody cannot carry this title and these woman the noun pride ! to all the romantics still out there believe in the beauty of your individuality for there is not one like you


I'm pretty open when it comes to how other people live their lives and quite frankly, think it would be interesting to have "sister wives". However, that many kids is too many and I certainly hope they aren't on government assistance, paid for with my tax money. I was a single parent after my first husband left and never once used welfare or other type of assitance. I worked two jobs if I needed to. And yes, it was during the 1982 recession when jobs were not any more available than they are today.


I don't feel sorry for any of these people. They knew the pitfalls before they signed up for this "marriage." As usual the kids will suffer in the long run b/c if they don't "choose" polygamy they will be severed from the "family." Kody IS creepy and when he refers to his "wives" as strong, independent women I want to throw up! If they really were they would NEVER have settled for this lifestyle. They might as well live in the Middle East with the other women who are second class citizens.


Loving watching this train wreck of a long as they're not using federal or state funds to finance their lifestyle. They ought to be making plenty with TLC to pay the rent for YEARs to come. Can't stand Kody but it is entertaining to watch a juvenile adult man run his families with such thoughtlessness. Those women are typical doormats....all except for Robyn who is pretty cunning and probably skimming from the till and will end up ahead when the others all file for bankruptcy and welfare.


I don't get it at all.
It's not the plural marriage. These women signed up for that and they made that decision.
It's Kody.He has a serious "ick" factor. He really gives me the creeps. There is something him I can't quite put my finger on - but all of my female instincts tell me to head for the hills when I meet a man like that.
And by the is he affording 4 households and 17 children? Welfare? This stupid show?
To his "wives": You are being short-changed. You are better than 2nd best. You will always be as happy as his saddest knuckle under or be your own woman.


I can't stand the opening where Kody says love should be multipied not divided. Isn't it multiplied and divided? The bag is for show...not expensive to buy 4 of the essential toiletries. Robyn is treated differently because she is shiny and new. Meri seems to have gained some weight...stress eating? Meri at least wants to work...did anyone else catch Robyn's look when work was mentioned? I feel the worst for the children, when Kody plays Dad for the day. Parenting is a fulltime job for all 4 wives.

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