Sister Wives Recap: No Place Like Home

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Who says you can't go home as a polygamist again?

This week on TLC's Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his four wives paid a visit to his hometown (Lovell, Wyoming), which was a pretty big deal for the Brown Bomber and Co. because it was his "first time going back openly as a polygamist."

Think TLC encouraged/forced that field trip at all?

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Kody was hella nervous, understandably, because when you go in and have the "Scarlet 'P' on your shoulder, you just don't know if people will ostracize you or not."

Most of us will never have that issue, but the sentiment rings true.

By and large, they were well received, which was nice. Even if you don't like what they do, they seen like nice people and are basically harmless, so c'est la vie.

A few people even congratulated Robyn on her pregnancy, while their critics basically concurred that these were good people who just had the "wrong idea."

One woman was nervous that people might think that Lovell, Wyoming was the birthplace of polygamy. Not the case, sweetheart, it's just the birthplace of TLC's polygamist reality show ... so basically the same thing in this era.

At a reunion of Kody Brown's high school friends, which TLC clearly had no role in pulling together, they regaled the wives with stories of their husband in H.S.

He liked to be the center of attention, apparently. Says a lot.

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When you've got four adoring wives and 17 kids clamoring for your time and love day in day out, that's one way to be the focal point of your own little universe.

Kody's best friend Ken had an interesting take on the Browns' lifestyle: "We feel like he's got an issue come Judgment day," he said. "If he goes to hell, so be it."

Pretty much, Ken. Pretty much.

Apparently some people thought Kody was "flamboyantly gay" in high school. The reason for that theory was that he wore "tight pants" and he "flipped" his hair.

It turns out he was just ahead of his time, though, trying to be fashionable as a man. In this day and age, we would merely term him ... well, something else.

We never really got the gay vibe from the Kode-man, but the four wives will certainly dispel that notion fast. How much more straight can a guy be, right?!

He marries women and fathers their kids left and right! Speaking of which, Kody and Robyn plan to name their son Solomon. That sounds like a nice name.

Thoughts on this installment of Sister Wives? How do you think Kody's trip home went? Do you like the name Solomon? Vote in our poll and comment below!

What do you think of Kody Brown and Sister Wives?


Kody says that love should be multiplied. But when he takes on another wife he limits his love to the other women. This is not multiplying, this is dividing the love from the other wives. If each wife had one husband she would have more love, yet the wives on the show complain about not having enough time with Kody.
So far as judging, we are not to judge the people themselves, but we judge peoples actions all the time and should. If someone does not leave a tip, unless service was really bad, that is wrong.
Should it be illegal what Kody does. No. All the parties know what is going on. This is not bigamy in my mind because, Kody is legally married to only one and sleeps with the others. In today's society that is called adultery. If a person thinks that is OK, that is up to them. It should not be a jailable crime. I personally think that is wrong and have the right to state as much.


I can't judge these people for their choice of lifestyle, they are adults who knowingly entered into it. I can say I don't understand why they would though. I mean, I know what he gets out of it but being a married woman myself I don't understand what the wives see in it. He said love should be multiplied? How about if one of the wives decided her love should be multiplied and brought home husband #2? Would he feel the same or is it only him whom that applies too? He strikes me as one of those people who are happy and nice when they are in control of everything and would lash out if and when that control is threatened. Just my observation though, could be wrong.


When the Brown's look for acceptance they better be prepared to accept all people's into their faith! The FLDS, polygamist look upon anyone with African blood as "less than"'the rest of the human race and will not allow up to the forth generation of those with African blood into their church. This is an issue that I'm sure TLC is aware of! There religion is Racist to the core! This to me is a huge, issue and reality that needs to be exposed!


My name is Patrick im from lovell wyoming i love the sister wives and hope you all saw me on tv


As I'm writing this, I am TRYING to remain calm here!!! I'm sorry, but TLC's Sister Wives ANGRILY makes my BLOOD BOIL!!! Look, as an openly gay dude, I am NO PRUDE but polygamy is demented, dumb and (MOST OF ALL!!!!!) disgusting AS HELL!!! Does ANYONE remember that wretched and worm-like weasel Warren Jeffs????? Also, I am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED in TLC!!!!! What PISSES ME OFF about Sister Wives MOST OF ALL...some of the people on there HATE being judged but, yet, that also doesn't stop them from being judgemental themselves!!!!!!!! TLC, ya'll should be VERY ASHAMED of yourselves for keeping that skanky and stanky Sister Wives GARBAGE on the air!!!!! TLC...I QUIT watching ya'll months ago!!!!! As far as I'm concerned...POLYGAMY RUINS LIVES!!!!!!!!


I love this HUGE family! A lot of people judge these people and yet it's NOT for us as human beings to judge anyone, right or 'what we think is' wrong. There's love between them and they share a bond that I don't believe many people can or will ever understand. Their lifestyle intrigues me and makes me want to know more. Growing up without any type of faith leaves me seeking more and until Sister Wives came to light I thought there was only one way of worship and living. I applaud this family and wish them the best. I'll never forget what Kody said "Love is meant to be multiplied, not divided." Those words come to me every time I feel like I've been stretched too thin and I reach deeper and find more love to give.


I don't see anything wrong with what he is doing or the lifestyle that he has chosen. The kids are all to young to know what they want and if that don't chose that lifestyle so be it. My mother was catholic and my father was another. I am neither one of either of my parents. So it doesn't matter what religion they go too. And why at this day and age is there a problem with any of this. In the bible there are many men that had several wives. If we are suppose to live by the bible so we don't go to hell than what's the problem??


What we saw in this episode was a nice sample of discrimination and prejudice. It illustrated how sometimes you can be more oppressed by those closest to you (as in Mormons/fundamentalist Mormons) which is often the case because one threatens the other due to proximity. Ken illustrated the hypocrisy of prejudice in that only he feels empowered to try to convert others. Ironically, us liberals, gay people, agnostic/atheists would be the ones who would most likely stand up for this family's rights to live as they see fit without judgement, but they probably would judge us back! This illustrates how religion breeds prejudice!


Solomon??? really??? I do not have anything against them that is their life but I think some of the wives are not too comfortable anymore and kids either.


Did anyone notice that Meri didn't show up until the sit down session with Kody's high school friends?

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