Sister Wives Recap: Losing Weight, Gaining Perspective

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With 16 combined kids and one more on the way, the titular stars of TLC's Sister Wives decided it was time to drop a few pounds and get back in shape.

Think the network encouraged/forced that nonsense at all?

Regardless, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn were evidently quite serious about getting healthy so they visited a personal trainer, Biggest Loser style.

As if jealousy issues weren't already prevalent, this had to foster such feelings or did it? Perhaps meeting with theology teacher to gain "perspective" balanced it out?

Kody Brown, Wives

The wives all met up with Bill, Meri's personal trainer, at which point the four Mrs. Kody Browns got weighed in front of each other, much to Janelle's abject horror.

She weighs 271 pounds.

"My physical appearance has always been my Achilles' heel," she says, unclear on what that means, since she's still married with kids by the same guy as the rest.

Meri opines, "Kody loves me for me. Kody loves Robyn for Robyn... I know Kody likes my curves." Robyn concurs ... and despite being pregnant weighs the least.

Poor Janelle.

Things go well for her, though, right out of the gate. Janelle gains more confidence in a hurry. Meri says she has more energy, too. Way to work it out, ladies!

What is going through Bill's head while training the four wives of one person? Any number of things, but Kody expected him to act professional and he did so.

Sister Wives Picture

They even grabbed healthy options from the buffet later, when Danielle, a theology teacher, dined with them to gain their perspective on faith in this world.

Kody and the wives get grilled pretty good, but they are asked to come to Boston to speak with her students. Kody agrees, despite the obvious reservations.

"If you have an antagonistic crowd, that's hard to deal with," he says.

Some people think they're a cult, but not Danielle. She and her husband joined the family to celebrate Meri's daughter Mariah's 16th birthday, which was sweet.

The five oldest Brown boys happened to be returning from a trip to Wyoming, and the rest of the family was so excited to see them ... there was a lot of love.

That's the thing about Sister Wives. You get a real sense of goodness and authenticity from them all, despite what you may think of their unusual lifestyle.

Danielle agreed: "There was so much love in their home. It makes it hard to cast negative judgment on them as a family." Give it up for open-mindedness!

Thoughts on this installment of Sister Wives? How do you think it went on the weight loss front? Do you judge the wives or accept them for who they are?

What do you think of Kody Brown and Sister Wives?


There is something about each one of them that make me smile, and they seem to be so loving and happy. I loved watching the show


Which would you rather have... the Duggers or the Browns...


Janelle was the only one being honest about how should would like to be Robyn's size. You can't tell me that looking at the new bride didn't prompt them to go to the gym to loose weight.At no point it never crossed their minds how slim she is and how overweight they've become? If a man you're dating says he prefers women with curves, you'd have to ask why he's dating you if he feels your body type is wrong and has to tell you. A lot of wives fooling each other and hiding the truth that's plain to see.


I love the Brown family too. They have a lot of love, and if it works for them, so be it. I never miss an episode.


I feel that how they live is their choice & obviously what they believe. The Browns type of Mormon fundamentalism is very different from the FLDS compounds (like the one that was raided in Texas a few years ago) because these people are adults choosing to live this way, not children in prairie dresses being forced to marry creepy old guys. It's certainly not any way I'd want to live at all, but they are adults, the kids are cared for & loved, and they are not harming anyone. So if it works for them, okay.


Yes that's important, wouldn't wanna lose him to another woman what a catch....


I love the Brown family, I have never missed an episode of there show yet! Sunday is family night and included in that is the brown family's show Sister Wives. Great going on a job well done raising your family and being who you are!


I just started watching the show and I actually like it, surprisingly.


what curves? She must mean fat rolls.


Watch the show and love it. Way to go Brown family....

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