Simon Cowell "Humbled" by X Factor Ratings

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It has produced some great acts early on in it first season run - Josh Krajcik and Jazzlyn Little, for example - but The X Factor has NOT produced the kind of ratings Simon Cowell had initially hoped for.

At one point this summer, the former American Idol judge said he thought his new show could defeat his old and earn 20 million viewers per week. The actual results have been closer to 12 million.

I'm "humbled, but still competitive," Cowell told TV Line when asked about the performance of The X Factor so far. "We’re gonna get there in the end. I do believe that."

With so many singing competitions out there - Idol, The Voice, The Sing-Off - might there be viewer fatigue? How will
The X Factor stand out?

"We’re in a different world now with Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, where people are gonna decide the fate of this show," Cowell says. "All we have to do is make the show as real as possible, make the contestants as great as we possibly can. And importantly, on the live shows, put on a show you’ve never, ever seen before."

What do you think, readers? Can X Factor ever surpass Idol? What do you think of Simon's show so far?


In the beginning this show was described as a music competition for individuals and groups with no upper age limit. That sounds like the makings for a great competition with varying styles of music. Unfortunately, for the most part the unimaginative judges have picked contestants who have too little musical variance between them. What could have been a dynamic competition of musical variety instead comes off as a one dimensional yawner. The fault lies entirely with the judges, who take great delight in showing off their opulent lifestyles. We even get to see their mansions! This might not be the best image to project in a time of economic downturn, however.


see the problem with your poll is that the people that are reading this article probably are reading this because they already like x-facor...which is going to bias your poll. it's a fun poll, but not anything you should really use to determine anything real.


I'm disgusted with some of the folks that made it to the live shows. WTF???


Man o man, if I were getting into the music industry and I met any of these "judges" or so called mentors and they were going to steer my career...I think I'd just go ahead and shoot myself in the head. Cheesy, creepy, and so far out of touch. Fox got screwed for two hundred and fifty million dollars to have this show...watching paint dry is a lot more interesting.


The blubbering and constant crying of some of the contestants is wearing REALLY thin.


I love it. So much talent outhere. I like it better than idol as it was mostly country singers. How many country singers do we need and after all they barely make it in the real world. So hopefully it will be different with xfactor. MB


I love watching the show. There are so many good performers, I am anxious to see who will win!


The competitors on this show are terrible. I can't believe how the judges can like these singers? That is why its not doing well.. Get some good singers on here and people will keep coming back each week.


Josh is an excellent singer and he should! After all, he does have his own band. He has been singing for many years. I don't think he is so humble as Simon thinks!


OMG! How many of these types of shows do we need?! Maybe ratings are low because we are overwhelmed by people caterwhalling on competition shows and we are over it!!

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