Should Rob Kardashian Be Kicked Off Dancing With the Stars After Kim's Fake Tweet?

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This has been a heck of a week for Dancing With the Stars controversy.

First, Maksim Chmerkovskiy lashed out at the judges for what he felt were unfair, personal critiques of his partner (a sentiment echoed by Chaz Bono).

Now, a fake tweet sent out by Kim Kardashian sent out to help her brother Rob on Monday night has come to light, and infuriated other contestants.

On Monday she wrote to her 10.7 million followers:

Kim Kardashian Cheating Tweet

By writing “OMG I have @JustinBieber’s phone#!!!! 800 8684302! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!” she was actually pushing votes to Rob.

Funny? Harmless? Maybe, but her own fans turned on her, calling her “lame” and accusing her of cheating, while the DWTS cast too isn't pleased either.

“It is totally unfair that Kim did that,” one cast member said. “The other celebs on the show don’t send out fake information to trick people into voting.”

It's obviously unclear how many people called that number thinking they were actually dialing Justin Bieber, or if Rob had anything at all to do with it.

Still, “some of the contestants think Rob should actually be disqualified,” an insider said. What do you think? Should Rob be eliminated for this?


Birthday Girl turned 31 last week!!
Dare I say it??
She is just as young and dumb as she was before she turned 31!!


Wow...people are hateful...bringing up kims marriage, etc because she tweeted something trying to help her brother out? somebody actually said "People were tricked into voting for somebody against their knowledge and will" lol really?....really? way to mind rape the american people kim lmao...people get a grip..its obviously rob should not be disqualified for something somebody else did (and btw i dont watch dwts nor do i watch the kardasians...clearly some people have become a little too involved in these peoples personal lives when they should be working on getting a life of their own so that they are not so upset over something that happens on reality tv) lol...smh


What kind of person would have a 800 as an area code -__- woooow smart ppl


How was this JUST a joke??? If it was a joke then why didn't she use another number..,like idk a number to something other than ROBs voting ticket. Was this suppose to be funny that people were tricked into voting for someone against their knowledge and will?? How sad that even his sister who is obviously not too bright (@800#...really?) thought he wasn't good enough that she had to use Justin Bieber (whose the latest craze) to get him votes. :/


I already knew how low class Ms. Kardashian appears to be-this olny proves that it is true.


Whether the fake tweet worked or not, the judges know about it and
Rob's goose is cooked. He's done. He wasn't great anyway and this
was the last thing he needed, thanks to his idiot sis. Can someone
please explain to me what this family is famous for or what they
do besides. I'm sick to death of these "faux wannabes". Get a real
job, why don't they!!!


It's about time the public let themselves be heard about the Kardashian family. The Kardashians seem to believe they are sooooooo entitled to everything. I think Rob should be disqualified--not because he did anything (if in fact he didn't)but because it's only fair. It's time this family learned that they AREN'T special and that the rules that apply to the rest of us should be for them, too. Is Kim the one that just got married? Maybe she should put more effort into making her marriage work than trying to cheat for her brother. What a total loser this creature is.


Just goes to show her lack of integrity and fairness. A cheat is one of the worst handles you can have. It reflects on that entire shallow and boring family. As for Rob, he is trying hard, and this has made it worse for him. The Kardashians are a waste of space....I can't bear to look at another tabloid at the grocery store with yet another stupid article on that family.


OMG, get the hell over it. It was just a joke.
People are so stupid!


I really was impressed with Rob Kardashian and thought he had some class, unlike the rest of his family. Something should be done; but to Kim, not Rob.

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