Should Rob Kardashian Be Kicked Off Dancing With the Stars After Kim's Fake Tweet?

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This has been a heck of a week for Dancing With the Stars controversy.

First, Maksim Chmerkovskiy lashed out at the judges for what he felt were unfair, personal critiques of his partner (a sentiment echoed by Chaz Bono).

Now, a fake tweet sent out by Kim Kardashian sent out to help her brother Rob on Monday night has come to light, and infuriated other contestants.

On Monday she wrote to her 10.7 million followers:

Kim Kardashian Cheating Tweet

By writing “OMG I have @JustinBieber’s phone#!!!! 800 8684302! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!” she was actually pushing votes to Rob.

Funny? Harmless? Maybe, but her own fans turned on her, calling her “lame” and accusing her of cheating, while the DWTS cast too isn't pleased either.

“It is totally unfair that Kim did that,” one cast member said. “The other celebs on the show don’t send out fake information to trick people into voting.”

It's obviously unclear how many people called that number thinking they were actually dialing Justin Bieber, or if Rob had anything at all to do with it.

Still, “some of the contestants think Rob should actually be disqualified,” an insider said. What do you think? Should Rob be eliminated for this?


I think Rob needs to get a job and stop munching his fat a-- off of his sisters. Its really not his fault Kim was so stupid. I think they should disqualify him to serve her right. That's just not fair.
If it wasnt for Khloe, Kardsh. clan would be down right dumb. Even the younger sisters are so disrespectful, Kourtney believes everything Drunk A-- Scott says WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Noone has any since but KHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim please get a life you got enough on hands with that useless ugly monster you married. All that money for what? He is so disrespectful Honestly I couldnt watch that fake a-- wedding.Talk about Khloe all you want She is the most down to earth one in the bunch Khloe and Lamar will make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually when i made my origianal comment i thought that i DID see people on the verge of a temper tantrum thus the reason for me pointing out what i did. i also dont remember ever "insulting" you personally..but if you took anything i said as offensive towards you personally then i apologize. anyway, my origianal Reason for commenting on this post is because i thought that people were taking this article and what kim did a little too seriously..not a life or death situation..people were not harmed mentally or physically (and if anyone claims that they were mentally affected because they truly thought they were about to talk to JB then they got more serious problems to deal with ;-) haha j/k


Kim give it a break ,give your brother a time to shine on his own.You're not the only 1 that has to be the center of attention at all times.Your nothing but a self centered brat.GOOD LUCK CHRIS HUMPHRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




OMG ! why can't the Kardashian girls leave Rob alone and let him do things on his own? He's doing a great job by himself he doesn't need their help, and Kim needs to concentrate on her own life and marriage and stay out of Rob's. This was obviously to get attention for herself what else! Butt out !


@Getagrip...just cuz pple post their opinions doesn't mean they ARE! I don't see anyone on here on the verge of a tantrum or cussing like crazy. Umm and yea I don't think I want you to tell me what to do idc that you are using your cute little phrase at the beginning as a figure of speech. To me that's gross honestly and like I said before I don't need to insult anyone to state my opinion. If you do that's because YOU are too involved like you say. I'm not arguing with everyone! I'm just responding to what YOU said and one other person. You are like my first "argument"ever on THG..:) wow. Well frankly I'm done. I mean obviously most pple thought what she did was wrong a few didnt.. so yea get over's not like they wanna kill
her. Bye and have a nice sarcasm btw. No point in arguing over this. :)


Uh-Brandi- Its has everything to do with it! Meaning? You Liberal/Democrat Whinning people need to get a Life! I don't care how you get it-Steal One- if your to lazy to steal then Borrow one! Once you get that then get a JOB- Maybe then - once ignored- these useless CELEBS will crawl back in there Hole and go away! Why is it Celebs think that REAL people give a crap about what they have to say!


* Araceli


Maraceli-hunny get your panties out of a wad. you are argueing with everyone who disagrees with you and laughs at "kimgate 2011"..when i said that people needed to get a life i was clearly referring to the fact that people were too involved with celebs personal lives in such a manner that they actually get angry and bash the people when they dont truly even know the person..Yes i like to READ the celeb gossip sites just as much as the next person..but never once have i let the ARTICLE about the celeb bother me so much that it angered me and i had to comment and trash said the lay person comments below have bothered me enough in this particular post because clearly kim did not mean any ill will by what she did..and im sure if every single little thing you tweeted or posted on gossip sites etc were picked appart every single day then you would probably have some misunderstandings as well. just sayin.

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