Shakira and Gerard Pique: It's Over!

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Shakira has reportedly dumped her footballer boyfriend, FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique, after he could not keep it in his pants. While dating Shakira. Amazing.

During his girlfriend's absences from Spain, Pique reportedly cheated on her with a younger woman. She somehow found out about this and they broke it off.

She and Gerard Pique have been dating for six months and quickly became "the most obnoxious couple in football," according to Spanish celeb gossip sites.

Shakira and Gerard Pique

They were constantly seen kissing and cuddling and were attached at the hip all summer. But evidently things went south, and she wasn't messing around.

Unlike most WAGs, Shakira doesn't need a soccer star for attention. She's the more famous half of that couple, not to mention older (34 to Gerard's 24).

Being cheated on with a younger woman couldn't have been fun to learn about, but at least the Colombian singer stood up for herself and dumped Pique.

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This isn't true at all. They're still very happy together...sadly


They r stil 2getha,thoz r rumourz.


if only david villa and shakira were together he wouldn't cheat on her and they are both cute


eish shit happens


Hey guys wat happen. Shak pls give him 2nd chance like de way cherly gives 4 ashily.


Nah....does this really make a lik she s lookin 4 a way out of spanish press....but thanks to pique for acting like a fool.


U did well sexy gal never tolerate a cheat,because if a guy say's he love's you he has no right to look at another woman.


La amigos, I think something is wrong with them. Really not going right! As well we will see it as time goes. IF Shak would like to meet guy better, it's really good way to ask of me about heem! Could someone tell this her?


Funny thing is that nothing happened and she tweeted good luck spanish NT and pique


Way to go Shakira... I for one don't tolerate cheating and there is no reason to forgive something like that. I don't know how she truly felt about the guy,but I think she can do an deserves waaaay better. He's ugly and looks older than he is. And apparently is ugly on the inside as well. Stupid guy. Shakira is lovely and talented. What a dumb*** guy

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