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The TEA party it NOT about racism, but about gross taxation and bloated government spending. Even if there were a white president spending and taxing, Tea party members would be looking to vote that person out of the White House as well. This race bating is only exacerbated by ignorance and people refusing to hear a dissenting opinion. Just because someone doesn't like President Obama and disagrees with his policies, doesn't make them a racist. If it had been Hillary in the White House, there would STILL be people wanting to stop the policies put forth that want to raise taxes during a recession and increase the national debt.


I live in Texas and I can tell you the majority of the Tea Party down here is very racist. All day every day when I hear Obama's name usually the N-Word follows it. I am for Obama, have been since he first announced he was running for office. Unfortunately Mr.Penn speaks the truth here.


I get the point that sean and others are trying to make. BUT┄president obama is a big boy he doesn't need celebrities standing up for him.


If the tea party isnt racist then why do sooooo many ppl believe it to be? Including me who has given them a chance until i heard some of the things they were saying.

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