Scotty McCreery vs. Zooey Deschanel vs. Demi Lovato: National Anthem-Off!

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Forget batting averages with runners in scoring position. Toss out WHIP. Ignore the failed hit-and-runs.

The 2011 World Series between the Rangers and the Cardinals has been all about the music, as a diverse trio of stars has opened three of the games with rousing versions of the national anthem.

We had an American Idol winner (Scotty McCreery), the lead on Fox's New Girl (Zooey Deschanel) and the latest young notch on Wilmer Valderrama's bedpost. Who did his or her country most proud? Compare the versions below and then cast your vote...



Demi screamed it, that was awful - I didn't hear Scotty mess up any words?? Unless I don't know our National Anthem, which I do. I also liked Zooey's version. I went with Zooey though!


You were the BEST!Im SOOOO PROUD OF YOU !!!!I enjoyed you and LAUREN on season 10 of American idol... I play your duet BACK ALLLLL the time. ALLLLLL THREE OF THEM.. I really hope that SOME DAY you guys have a DUET ON each others ALBUM... REALLY, I KNOW I ENJOY the harmony that you two have together....SCOTTY, YOU take care and remember to keep your faith close and LIFE will be good to you always....


Scotty did not mess up the words, he sang with a Southern accent...and he sang it beautifully...


err, Scotty McCreery? Really? He messed up the words and sang it terribly. Demi Lovato all the way.
....latest young notch on Wilmer Valderrama's bedpost....
............. -_-

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