Sarah Palin Seeks Additional Protection From Stalkers

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Former political figure and current professional celebrity Sarah Palin is asking an Alaska judge to extend the restraining orders against her two stalkers.

Shawn and Craig Christy, a father and son from Pennsylvania, were jailed in Alaska back in August for threatening to kill Sarah, her family and friends.

Sarah Palin had obtained restraining orders against the men, but they will expire in November. Thus her formal request to extend the order into 2012.

Witless Bully

For now, she has nothing to worry about. Craig and Shawn Christy are still awaiting trial and will remain behind bars until a court date is scheduled.

If Sarah's request is granted, the men will be barred from having any contact with her or any family members in the event that they are released.

A judge is expected to rule on the request by Palin, who recently announced she will not run for president in 2012, in the next few weeks sometime.

Note to the Christys and other creeps: If you want Sarah and Bristol Palin to go away forever, just quit paying attention to them. Nobody's gotta die here.

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Let me make sure that I have this correct. This is a woman whose 17 year old daughter becomes pregnant by a high school dropout (Levi) whose mother is a meth dealer in Wasilla, Alaska. Hmmm...I wonder what she and her Christian friends would say about a Black or Hispanic family that were in a similar family but continued to try and hold themselves up as family valued Americans?


Does she realize what fool she looks like in this motorcycle garb? Apparently not.


Millions of Americans have felt stalked by this woman and her family since late August of 2008 when John McCain brought her into the public realm. Now she is complaining? Of course she has always complained about something. She complains when being ignored. She complains when her family gets attention. She loves to throw hateful epithets toward others yet continues to con the ignorant portion of our population by claiming to be a Christian. Senator McCain should be charged for treason for exposing America to such a dangerous inbred of an individual.


I don't believe a word of it. She makes this shit up just to stay in the news. She and the rest of her inbred family have become nothing but fame junkies.


Bad stories. Fake stories.


You people need to go to (back) to school, grow up, learn English, and get a job. TINSTAAFL. TIME TO PAY THE PIPER.


How can the rest of us get a restraining order for SPaylin??? She is far more dangerous than these two mentally ill men. Hell, let the guys out, maybe is will cause her to go into hiding and STFU.


@kitty king,I agree with u... That lars is also the one calling casey Anthony "cute" and "pretty" all over THG and who knows where else. Honestly his comments are so pathetic they make me LOL.
@lars, omg it's so obvious you are nothing but an attention seeking whore, internet troll. I shall feed this troll no
As for Sarah idk with her anymore she's a weird one.


She needs too quit the BS, Im sick of her crap and all her friends to lock up some poor people in another state, if he sent e-mails or FB block it, just like spam. Shes just looking for attention. Craig Christy is a friend and not nuts. Sarah, get over it. I used to listen what u had to say, now who cares. You lost the respect of a veteran and whole lot more people. you people dont believe everything you read, the christy's are nice people u just need to meet them. Drop the charges and let them go home.


Professional perpetual whining victims who at the same time turn around and say mean things about others. Anything to get in the news. When is this mentally ill nutjob and her daughter going to quit stalking Obama's family and America. GO AWAY! PS - Lars, you are always making sexual comments about Bristol & Sarah -especially their body parts. We've seen you all over the internet drooling. No wonder you want them to stay in jail. You want them for yourselfe.