Sara Leal to Friends: I F-cked Ashton Kutcher! LOL!

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Ashton Kutcher totally boned Sara Leal on the night of September 23, following a night of drinking, partying and naked hot tubbing. So claims a friend of Leal's, at least.

However, if you don't believe the words of Megan McNutt for some reason, Star Magazine has more evidence that this act took place inside the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego.

Proof of Infidelity?

The tabloid has published a photo of Sara Leal hanging out with friends on the evening in question, while also claiming that Sara sent a text message to her pals soon after the encounter, which read:

"I f***ed Ashton Kutcher Friday night, lol"

So there you have it, folks. This affair clearly went down. The only question now remains: What will Demi Moore do about it? Are we really looking at a $290 million divorce?


And yet Demi Moore is far more attractive in her late 40s? than some fake blonde 20-something airhead!! Amazing fact. The danger comes when you're getting too close to filling in for Charlie Sheen!


ok well then in that case i f^&*ed Demi Moore.. lol.. any idiot can post anything


u know im sure im rude for saying this but im pretty sure if demi caught this herself then they could see if things will work out...but because of Star mag and all the other mags she cant....i mean fuck why dont you put a camera down that man's pants why dont you...your so curious!


so she sent the text, did anyone see them sleep together? she could have seen him at the hotel, chatted him up, but nothing happened and she just sent the text to her friends for her own personal gain. were the two actually doing anything really physical in any of the photos other than talking? (I haven't seen the article yet)There are so many women out there so desperate for attention that they make up an encounter with a celebrity. I'm sorry, maybe it happened, but there have been so many stories like this (not with Ashton, but other celebs) it's hard to believe anymore.

Amy cook

He "WAS" a married man. She is a S-K-A-N-K with no morals, pure white trash.......

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