Sara Leal Speaks on "Good" Unprotected Sex with Ashton Kutcher

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Sara Leal had unprotected sex with Ashton Kutcher in the early morning of the actor's sixth wedding anniversary.

That's what this 22-year old administrative assistant tells Us Weekly, as she has spoken out for the first time about her one-night stand with the Two and a Half Men star.

Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover

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"He just came up and kissed me," Leal tells the tabloid of what went down in Kutcher's Hard Rock Hotel suite in San Diego on September 24, repeating previous details that have leaked out and saying she was naked in a hot tub with Kutcher and another woman just minutes later.

Leal says the actor claimed he was "separated" from wife Demi Moore and that she didn't think any of her actions were "out of the ordinary," causing us to wonder what she typically does on Saturday nights.

Following the birthday suit soak, Leal and Kutcher went off to the latter's bedroom around 6 a.m., where "he lost his towel and I took my robe off," Leal says. "Then we had sex."

How was it?

"He was good. It wasn't weird or perverted," or safe, as Leal adds Kutcher did not use a condom.

Leal says Kutcher asked her about politics after they got it on, laughing over her reference to Rick Perry and learning she was a "Lutheran from Texas." They then had a second round of intercourse, which was followed by this admission:

"He was like, 'I enjoy things like this because I'm an actor 90 percent of the time and it's fake. It's nice to have moments that are real.'"

Kutcher has not denied this affair - with the exception of a few silly, mysterious Tweets warning fans not to "assume" anything - and is reportedly on the verge of a divorce from Moore.


Hmmmm.....Surprised she could keep her mouth empty long enough to make ANY statement!


Yawn, another skank ho. I'm sure he was totally wasted. He and Demi can get past this, if they want to.


Time and time again, men pick women with no class to full around with. I realize "class" is not the main attraction in these situations, but come on guys! Don't pick someone even more insecure than you are. Think of your spouse enough to at least pick someone descrete...not some bimbo star-f*cker.


it's aston kutcher, i spead my legs to, she wasn't a victem, she's a big mouth. demi go out and get u some!! call it a day. nobody cares!!!!


Sounds like a slut to me. If some guy were to walk up to me and kiss me, he better be my husband or he will be singing soprano. If this behavior doesn't seem unusual to her, then who else has she slept with and why has she made such a big deal out of this? Money money money!!!! She just looking for money.


This story sounds so contrived. I don't believe it's true. I can't believe any actor would say "I enjoy things like this because I'm an actor 90 percent of the time and it's fake. It's nice to have moments that are real." Since when does any man need to offer explanations of why he likes sex? And because he's an actor having sex is such a departure for him? So phony sounding. I smell a lie and a liar.

Ms billie

Age has no bearing on Ashton and Demi's marriage. He suppose to be an adult. He is a married man his actions is inexcusable for any married man. He doesn't respect himself or his wife. If he doesn't want to be a faithful husband then he needs to get out of the marriage she doesn't deserve this crap. As for Sara Leal she's proven she's nothing but a tramp. Everyone knows Ashton and Demi are married so why would she sleep with a married man. I hope dumb*** knows he's just another notch on her bedpost so to speak. I don't care if he did walk up and kiss her she could have ended it there. A decent woman would remind him of his marriage and send him away.


This is hysterical! People (most everyone) bashed Charlie Sheen for his naughty ways while praising Ashton. Charlie didn't deserve his show, Ashton will bring it new class, blah blah blah. Oh really? Is having an affair while married classy? Is he really better than Charlie Sheen? At least Charlie wasn't married when he got the ax and has NEVER tried to act like someone he wasn't. Ashton is showing his true colors. And this little twit chick who screwed Ashton? Oh another class act! She sounds like a stupid 12 year old, AK blew a marriage with a real woman to hook-up with an airhead. What an idiot. To be honest there's no telling how many times AK has really done this and just hasn't got caught yet. (another Tiger Woods?) Oh, and let's not forget this happened on his 6th anniversary! What a champ! More like CHUMP!!!!!!!!


Whether the rumors are true or not it sure is affecting Demi. And it is sick and disgusting of this "woman" to talk about this even if it Never happened. We won't know for sure until either we see real proof, or Ashton comes out and admits it.
Either way this person is disgusting and not even good looking for that matter. She sounds proud of this, proud of being a whore? Any woman can spread her legs for a man. A real woman will know to keep them closed when it involves a MARRIED man. Seriously I think I'm gonna be sick to my stomach. :/


Well it's bad enough when you are married to someone your own age that is somewhat childish but to be married to a child what more can you expect, he is going through a growing spurt! lol. Wait til he out grows his twenties phase.! Really who cares!

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