Sara Leal Speaks on "Good" Unprotected Sex with Ashton Kutcher

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Sara Leal had unprotected sex with Ashton Kutcher in the early morning of the actor's sixth wedding anniversary.

That's what this 22-year old administrative assistant tells Us Weekly, as she has spoken out for the first time about her one-night stand with the Two and a Half Men star.

Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover

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"He just came up and kissed me," Leal tells the tabloid of what went down in Kutcher's Hard Rock Hotel suite in San Diego on September 24, repeating previous details that have leaked out and saying she was naked in a hot tub with Kutcher and another woman just minutes later.

Leal says the actor claimed he was "separated" from wife Demi Moore and that she didn't think any of her actions were "out of the ordinary," causing us to wonder what she typically does on Saturday nights.

Following the birthday suit soak, Leal and Kutcher went off to the latter's bedroom around 6 a.m., where "he lost his towel and I took my robe off," Leal says. "Then we had sex."

How was it?

"He was good. It wasn't weird or perverted," or safe, as Leal adds Kutcher did not use a condom.

Leal says Kutcher asked her about politics after they got it on, laughing over her reference to Rick Perry and learning she was a "Lutheran from Texas." They then had a second round of intercourse, which was followed by this admission:

"He was like, 'I enjoy things like this because I'm an actor 90 percent of the time and it's fake. It's nice to have moments that are real.'"

Kutcher has not denied this affair - with the exception of a few silly, mysterious Tweets warning fans not to "assume" anything - and is reportedly on the verge of a divorce from Moore.


@ HOLLY - this is a forum for people to leave their comments and you are completely out of order to say that all of us would throw our own mother under a bus to reap the financial benefits. THAT's slander (not to mention deeply offensive). How dare you. The stupid little girl has told the world she has slept with a famous married man and has then gone into the detail of the act being unprotected. What a little trollope. Not only has she humiliated herself for money but she has also humiliated her friends and family. I'm glad she's not my friend. She's a trouble-making little tart who should just go away. As for him ...


The proof of the one night stand when this Ho gets knocked up or says she has an STD. If Demi is smart she'll dump this A-hole before she gets a disease that won't go away. I always though this child/man
Ashton was a jerk. This is proof, he's also stupid. They deserve each other - LOSERS.


Why do people believe everything they read? I don't know if Ashton has always been faithful to Demi or her to him, but this story is so fake it's unbelievable. The tabloids eat up this kind of stuff. Anyone can make up a story. Where's any proof? All we have is the word of this woman. The age difference between Demi and Ashton is only 15 years. If he was the older one nobody would say anything. If Ashton wanted to leave Demi for a younger woman so he could have his own children, then why wouldn't he just do it? He doesn't need to pick up bimbos for one night stands to start a family. Some of the comments here sound so ignorant.


He has more in common with Charlie Sheen afterall. He also is living the same life in "real life" that he is living on screen.


lol a star's worst nightmare, made worse by his stupidity. his minders did remember to confiscate the mobile phones, but forgot about her ability to talk.


Also, all of you people commenting would probably throw your elderly mother under a bus to make a few quick dollars. He told her that they were seperated.. How was she to know any different? What is going on behind your closed doors that no body can see at night? Go hug your children or partner.. focus less on someone that makes more money that you will see in a lifetime.


those who live in glass houses should not throw stones... leave this woman alone and dont call her slanderous names. Ashton is the one who is married with a family. I would even venture to say that he initiated the contact. Leave her alone and focus on the womanizer and home wrecker!

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I went to high school with this girl, sounds exactly like something she would do.

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