Sara Leal Expresses Regret, Labels Life a "Mess"

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Yes, Sara Leal slept with Ashton Kutcher twice last month. And, yes, the actor's marriage to Demi Moore is one of the better known relationships in Hollywood.

But this 22-year old wants to make one thing clear: she's no homewrecker!

Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover

In a new excerpt from her interview with Us Weekly, Leal insists that Kutcher told her and other women that "he was separated."

Leal explains how she met Kutcher in the bathroom of his hotel suite during a party and "there was some sort of attraction" right away. They ended up alone, post-naked hot tub dip, and...

"One thing led to another."

But Leal now regrets her actions, considering Kutcher apparently lied about his marital status. She says her "life has been a mess" ever since and: "If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened."


I like the I regret this or that if she regrets it why make it public its all about money and fame on her part ...pfft!


If shes lying why hasnt ashton come forward and said its not true, the girl would of been sued by now if she was lying. How idiotic to think a good looking guy who has beautiful women throwing themselves at him would never cheat on his wife, course not DUH!! Not saying its right but it does infact happen


If shes lying why hasnt ashton come forward and said its not true, the girl would of been sued by now if she was lying


I have no sympathy for both of these fools.....Him for cheating on his wife and her for sleeping with someone she JUST met...there's a word for people like HER and Ashton!....


ummmm, if your life is a mess now, why didn't you just keep it to yourself? Makes no sense to me.....


Us Weekly always makes up stories!There's no proof of anything.I'm guessing this girl never really had sex with Ashton and is just making it up.She wants her 15 minutes of fame and doesn't care if she hurts a relationship or not.


I'm no one to judge as I wasn't there nor do I know her or Ashton but I will say this: why sleep with some random person you just met, celeb or not? It's completley unsafe. "if.she had known he was happily MARRIED" exactly she didn't know. How could she after a few minutes of meeting him? Really? She never heard of Demi and Ashton being married? Hmmm..I think in my opinion she just wanted to shock people and get her 15 minutes and now she wants sympathy. Idk I could be wrong, but that's what it sounds like. She says her lifes a mess? Well maybe she shouldn't be spreading her legs that soon. Heck, I'd rather be STD FREE than be famous with an STD or be famous for ruining a good marriage and be called a slut. I have my dignity and respect towards others so even if it was a celeb I wouldn't dare. But that's just me. As for Demi, well God help her get through this if this rumor is true cuz there's still no real proof. Well, time will tell.


I have no sympathy for anyone who spreads their walking sticks so easily and then wonders if maybe they shouldn't have. If you just met Ashton, sleeping with him wasn't the best way to be "sure" he wasn't married still. DUH!


She is young, but people do lie about their relationships and since he is a celebrity, she could have waited and checked the truth of his statement out, rather than just jump into bed with him. He wanted a one night stand and she was it.

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