Sara Leal Expresses Regret, Labels Life a "Mess"

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Yes, Sara Leal slept with Ashton Kutcher twice last month. And, yes, the actor's marriage to Demi Moore is one of the better known relationships in Hollywood.

But this 22-year old wants to make one thing clear: she's no homewrecker!

Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover

In a new excerpt from her interview with Us Weekly, Leal insists that Kutcher told her and other women that "he was separated."

Leal explains how she met Kutcher in the bathroom of his hotel suite during a party and "there was some sort of attraction" right away. They ended up alone, post-naked hot tub dip, and...

"One thing led to another."

But Leal now regrets her actions, considering Kutcher apparently lied about his marital status. She says her "life has been a mess" ever since and: "If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened."


Sara Leal...OH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! Don't you know that ALL married men who cheat on their wives say that "they're separated"????? It is one of the most lamest, oldest and (most of all) tired lines in the world!!! Also, I think that Darlene is RIGHT ON...Sara obviously just crawled out of a hole!!!!! Sara, EMOTIONALLY CREEPY!!!!! Look, I am no prude or whatever but Sara is (as an example or whatever) OLD ENOUGH to be Bruce and/or Demi's daughter!!!!! Again...CREEPY!!!!! I give the AWESOME Bruce ENDLESS kudos, praise and props (HOLLA!!!!!) for standing by Demi through this awful and difficult time that Demi herself is going through!!!!! Sara, you (and especially that punk-ass Ashton) get NO SYMPATHY from me!!!!! Stay Strong Demi!!!!!


What, did this gold digging skank just crawl out of a hole? Does she think anyone actually believes she 'didn't know'? I really do hope that someone as beautiful and talented as Demi will open her eyes and realize that she doesn't need to stress waiting for her 'little boy' to grow up- she could have her pick of handsome, mature men. As for you, Miss Skanky, how does it feel to know that you were nothing but another groupie?


There's a name for girls like you, that do these things like this trying to make money and get noticed, you know what name that is!!! I'm sure you have been called that name several times. You are not very good looking and you are a very ugly person inside. Spend your money probably won't even be able to get a job now.


cant be sued for lying, he could deny it but ever little publicity is a couple of millions in his pockets, if the girls wants to show the world that she is a big slut then let her, five mins of fame next day we would be like who the heck are you, i dont think he would sleep with someone that ugly and for the money she is getting from telling the world this she should go get her teeth fix


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#WOW what a joke... I actually know this girl we r from the same town and she lived where I went to college for a while just to party up there... She's bullsh***ing when she says she would have left him alone if he was "happily married" or whatever she would have arranged this to go down no matter what... Sara is an ATTENTION WHORE... her goal moving to california was probably to get caught up in a scandal like this... Don't believe? me just look how she's posing like she thinks she's gonna be famous. lol ok "famous slut" everyone knew she was a "DG" dirty girl now the whole world knows it. I can so see her on a reality show and making pathetic remarks like "I was the girl that "bleeped" Ashton... u dont remember me? I sold my story!!!!" poor thing.


The open confession is a first step of forgiveness,don't carry the guilt around sara,everyone err & by showing remorse,God will ture things around for everyone good.'Go & err no more'.


And another thing.... Sara, you have no business messing with ANYONE who is married -it is a sacred act of God. You are the temptress of the devil if you do these things, even to committed relationships. You probably actually HATE yourself and want to DIE. God can help you - don't resort to these evil things that just make you worse - God really can help you. Ask for forgivness then you must forgive yourself and then live life like YOU WANT people to treat you. I'm sure you don't want someone to cheat on you when you are married - yet seperated - and have kids! You may be beautiful on the outside but your UGLY inside is showing bright as hell.


She met him & five minutes later stripped off her clothes & jumped into a hot tub with him? It's bad enough she has such loose morals. It's sadder that she is stupid enough to think this was something to share with the whole world. Another idiot willing to do anything for a shot at fame. She deserves all the negativity her idiotic stunt brings her.


Sara - you need God! Only HE can forgive you for what you did to a marriage. I don't care if someone is "seperated" it is not divorce and it is grounds for divorce now that you did what you did. I hate girls like you and hope you see your need to change and get to know Jesus. Your life you lead now, sounds like all evil. why do you think that will get you happiness or any REAL POSITIVE success. I know you dont feel good about breaking up a couple's marriage. You wouldn't like it if someone did it to you. Maybe you are so afraid someone will do it to you, that you won't be in a serious relationship that shows the REAL YOU, because you can't stand failure, especially men. Probably a father issue. Or could be brother. Whatever it is. You need help. i pray for you.

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