Sara Leal Elaborates on Ashton Kutcher Endurance, Pride Over Pounding

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Sara Leal must have a great agent.

The alleged mistress of Ashton Kutcher has secured herself a pair of tabloid deals, opening up to both Us Weekly and Great Britain's The Sun about her dalliance with the actor on September 24 in San Diego.

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Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover

Sara Leal on Ashton Kutcher: Two and a Half Men? More like two and a half hours!

In the latter interview, Leal doesn't reveal any details about the evening not already covered in her Us chat - she hot tubbed naked with Kutcher and then did him twice - but she does elaborate on Kutcher's pounding prowess.

And it sounds a lot better than his acting!

"He had great endurance," Leal told the newspaper. "We were up for a while. It was about two hours."

And how did it end? With Kutcher giving himself congratulations for the conquest, according to Leal: "The last thing I remember him saying was he did a good job. We woke up and I was wearing a robe. He opened it up and I was like, 'What are you doing?' He was like, 'Just checking. OK, I did good! You're really pretty.'"

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I would quit judging, I am sure none of you are as innocent, ever heard that your judging does not define them, but rather you? I read the article and its the Hollywood life, every week a new celebrity, why dont they report on the happily married, cause ppl dont care, ppl like to form lynching mobs.. ijs


Of course they're both wrong. It's not ok to sleep w/ someone that's married and obviously not ok if you're married. Common sense.




If you really believe they were "taking a break" your an idiot. He slept with her because he can, she slept with him because she wanted too and obviously Demi doesn't care or else she would say something. I don't like him as an actor or as a person know for that matter. Both parties involved and despicable people.


I wonder if in the very Near future Ms. Leal will realize that her story would have meant more to her as a person if she was able to reveal that she had more than "just" a passing fancy interlude with Demi Moore's husband. From what little info that has been "exploited" so far, she will end up in the all star gallery of loose women who spent a Night on the town with a celeb,sold her story,and became a yesterday's story in celebrity News!!


so funny how everyone always blames the woman in this. How about blame the so called working on his marriage married man. If you are a celebrity and do not want to be on the cover of a tabloid don't cheat pretty simple if you ask me. I'm sure there will be someone new next week.


If you read the internet you will see that this chick is a star banger, she was looking for a payday and ashton's manhood lead him down the wrong path. As a famous person you would think they would pick their partners a little better, a small amount of research would have told him to stay away. So now this slut can get paid for 2 hours of something she usually does for free. Congrats Sarah, but does the money help you look at yourself in the mirror?


By the way please don't think I am condoning Astons act either. He was wrong but like he said they were separated and working on their marriage.


This slut is getting on my nerves. She went from being embarrassed because the encounter became public to now selling her story to make money. At the end of the day you slept with a publicly married man and now with all theses stories, you’re throwing it in the wife’s face. It's one thing to do this act... mistakes happen, one night stands happens, but this is bad enough for him and his wife. Now its another thing to keep being reminded them of it through the public eye. She just turned in a thirsty jump-off. She claims they had this wonderful night together and how they click. If you clicked with someone you don’t turn around and get paid for it and join the bandwagon on making their life miserable. You my love have just turned yourself in to a prostitute. You are getting paid for a sexual all you're missing is a street corner so keep embarrassing yourself and your family.


Ashton not only took over for the druggie Charlie Sheen on Two and A Half men but looks like his bad behaviour too. Why didn't the network make him shave and cut his hair. He looks like a monkey or at best, something the dogs drug in.

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