Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro Break Up! Again!

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Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro have broken up. NOTE: This is the October 2011 edition of the recurring story featuring the combative Jersey Shore couple.

"We are not together," Ron said at a Paranormal Activity 3 superfan screening in NYC.

Following their epic fight on Jersey Shore's third season, the pair reconciled during the filming of Season 4 Florence, and have actually been pretty mellow so far.

Ronnie and Sammi Pic

Ronnie and Sammi are done. Like, they are DONE!

"Being in Italy, in such a romantic atmosphere, brought us together," Ron said. "[It was] probably the highest point in our relationship." Apparently not for too long.

Jersey Shore fans all know the two have strong feelings for each other ... that often turn violent. We don't expect their co-stars will be saddened by this report.

"I love single Ronnie," Pauly D says. "When he's doing the relationship thing, I don't get involved. He's a different person with Sammi. She's a difficult woman!"

One he'll likely be back together with by Christmas.

Whose side are you on?



he is very volatile. is he on roids? just wonderin.


Thnk god and i hope they dnt get back together im so tired of tha bullshit they do


@Rachel...I think YOU are fucking dumb. Turn off Jersey Shore, get off the internet, pick up a book and learn to fucking spell, you moron.


Oops going to be*...forget the past*


They both need professional help. If she's found b with him then she needs to forget the part & if he's going to b with her then he needs to stop being an ass acting like he's single


you know sammy can be dum at times as you seen on the show her friends snooki and jwow were nice enough to wright her a note and tell her about her unfathfull boyfriend and yet she still in denial wtf is she that stupid she belive him over them anyday and im so sick in tired of everytime they fight she says im done you said that so many time it's hared to belive wtf is the truth. hell she probley did cheet on him two just pist caz she got cought and didn't know how to react fast enough servers her right. i like sammy doint get me wrong she just needs to be away from all that drama he has done to her.the last epo will be great


Hope this is the last time. They should just stay single. They are better off than as a couple. It obviously isn't working.


sammi... Leave that loser alone....don't go back deserve more than that..


cant mix business with pleasure....never works

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