Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: It's Totally On!

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Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were obviously a hot couple. Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? They would have to be right up there with them.

That's a lot of beautiful, single people recently back on the market ... so would you believe that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now giving it a shot?

Apparently they are. As we told you earlier in the week, the co-stars were spotted on Friday on an Amtrak train from New York City to Boston.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Pic

Blake and Ryan promoting The Green Lantern this summer.

The following night, they reportedly had dinner for two at a sushi restaurant and were quite affectionate Monday waiting for a train at Boston's Back Bay station.

It may have been early in the morning - 5 a.m. - but a source says they were making out and "all over each other" before Lively boarded the train for NYC.

Reynolds stayed in Boston to continue filming R.I.P.D. While she headed back to film Gossip Girl. Somehow we see an Acela trip in their futures again soon ...

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It's more appealing to the eyes to see SANDRA BULLOCK and RYAN REYNOLDS together.SANDRA and RYAN looks more HOTTER COUPLE.


Sandra told the world along time ago, that Ryan was not her "LOVAH", so why is it so un-natural to others that a man and woman can be best friends?


This is not just some random hookup. There have been rumors about these two going on for well over a year now, so why everyone is acting surprised about this is beyond me. It probably won't last but let them have their fun.


Who would freely admit to being on a show that is BAD as Gossip girl. How it stays on is crazy. What a horrible badly acted show it is.


Dont beleive everything you hear on sites like this its just,some stuff to keep you interested.I like to read it to,but I only beleive very little of it,its fun thats what its supposed to be..


blake is another person i think should try being responsible for once.in a short while,she has had a broken relationship and has already moved on into another.who knows who is next?i just pray she settles down and takes it slow.she is not supposed to date guys for fun,they are humans and have feelings too.


I think Ryan should toss me his cock. Then he'd be like, Blake who?


@thatruth5, if you haven't noticed THG just reports mostly on what other magazines say. That's why I like it..it's like they are saying " so and so said this, idk I'm just reprting what I heard I'm not claiming this as a statement of my own or a fact" IN fact on some articles they actually say they doubt certain rumors to be truth. And no they weren't the ones that said reynolds was dating sandra, that was a tabloid magazine.


It's amazing to me how Hollywooder's get down and dirty so fast with each other. I mean, wasn't she dating Leo at least 2 weeks ago? And she's already sucking face with Reynolds? Ever hear of getting to know someone before doing the deed? Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!


Soon to be "totally OFF".