Rihanna Hearts the C-Word

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She's caught flak for wearing a necklace emblazoned with the c-word. But Rihanna says that where she's from, that's practically the national catchphrase.


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    I love Barbados, such an amazing place. I spent 10days there and made some local fdirnes and had a blast. As far as racism goes, the white american tourists who think they can order everyone around like servants are more the racist ones (i can say that do to the fact i am a white american). Everything is in island time haha 1 american minute is equal to like 30 barbados minutes, so don't expect anything to get done too hastily. Its so beautiful there, a piece of my heart is there.


    I really like Rihanna's music, especially What's My Name and California King Bed


    Rihanna is "low class" and in her world the "c" word may be used everyday. Please do not judge Barbadians by her standards. The "C" word is an offensive word in Barbados.


    "She claims it's a cultural thing".

    Although I am from another W.I. Island, I am shocked about Rhianna saying that the "C" word is a cultural thing. I have had many relatives live in Barbados and have been there many times. What kind of people has she associated herself with in Barbados. She has to have been hearing those words from the "low life people". Decent people don't walk around in any of the W.I. islands saying that word. Why is she bringing down the people of the W.I. including Barbados? She is just adding another negative impression about Black people to the world. I had a friend who used to curse and I made it very clear that when she is around me don't use those words otherwise I would have nothing to with her. She stopped immediately. So for Rhianna to say it is a cultural thing, she must be from the gutter of Barbados.


    i have to agree with riri ...she justs wants to make music and thats it..i dont blame her thats not her job or any other celebrity's job to be a role model..remember they are just as human as any of us no one is perfect and watever life choices she chooses to project is HER choice, shouldnt we all live free to do wat we please? by the way if parents are looking for role models for their children why wont they be just that and more for their children


    Rihanna is an artist and like most artist she likes to think she can shock the hell out of you.....she's just a kid playing grownup.....




    Wow, its not just white people that expect her to be a role model, its everybody! When your music caters to teens-early 20s then as an artist you do have a responsability to set a good example for women...shes a jackass.


    Ewww riri you ugly can't!


    Ri u ar disgusting

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