Redmond O'Neal to Judge: Give Me a 47th Chance!!

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Redmond O'Neal will be sentenced today for a probation violation stemming from his recent heroin arrest and subsequent no contest plea. Will a judge have mercy?

The 26-year-old son of Ryan O'Neal sure hopes so. He wants the judge to give him one more opportunity to make good and sentence him to rehab, and not jail.

Oft-troubled and drug-addled, Redmond was arrested for heroin possession back in August, while still on felony probation for an earlier drug possession case.

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Redmond pleaded no contest, and Judge Keith Schwartz (formerly the judge overseeing Lindsay Lohan's legal woes) sentenced Redmond to a year in rehab.

Redmond admitted to using drugs that a friend snuck into him at the facility, and Schwartz sent him back to jail, pending the probation violation sentencing.

O'Neal's attorney, Richard Pintal, will make the case today.

Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett's best friend Alana Stewart will be in court for the decision, which could be a fateful one for the struggling young adult.


Just pray that he can kick drugs and live life without them.


Dudes 26! time to take off the kid gloves! H e needs to own up... no matter how screwed up our lives WERE. We are responsible for ourselves! TOUGH LOVE! At this rate he will kill himself on drugs!


I think that if he were happy and healthy he would look like a completely different person. Drugs make ppl unattractive and steals the joy and life from their eyes. Tragic and sad but very true.


How did 2 very good looking people create that? Not trying to be mean but he is not attractive.


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Redmond O'Neal is the sister of actress Tatum O'Neal and the son of actor Ryan O'Neal. He is best known for his raging drug problems. In... More »
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