Real Steel Movie Review: A Surprising Knockout!

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Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman as a former boxer with one more shot at a title, is a surprising triumph of the spirit that will not disappoint audiences.

We say surprising because its premise of boxing robots is a little out there. Jackman's performance is so strong, though, that he can carry the storyline.

As Charlie, a former boxer who came close to being a champ right as the sport of boxing moved from humans to robots who can inflect more damage - something for which the futuristic public was yearning - he's a hero we can all get behind.

It's a surprisingly fun and wild ride. Check out the trailer for the film below, then follow the link for Movie Fanatic's official Real Steel review!


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Great movie, just watched it last night. Has several stories going on and it's easy to relate to the characters. Surprisingly good!!!



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