Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox to Reunite?

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She was welcomed home by friends and family in Seattle this week.

Will Amanda Knox reunite with boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito next?

The two were dating at the time of Meredith Kercher's 2007 slaying. Both were found guilty of murder in 2009, only to see their convictions overturned in a Perugia, Italy, courtroom Monday evening. What does the future hold for the pair?

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Amanda's father, Curt, say she's expecting to see Raffaele Sollecito soon. "I think Raffaele at some point in time will visit Seattle," he told the UK's Telegraph.

"It will be very nice for them to actually see each other again."

Knox's father was "not aware" if Amanda had reached out to Raffaele via phone since their releases. Sollecito was quoted as saying just after his release:

"Amanda? Maybe I'll see her again, but now I only want to be with my family."

Her homecoming was celebrated with pizza and wine earlier this week. Knox spent time with her 5-year-old cousins, who were 1 when she was jailed.

Mostly, she slept in and enjoyed the sweet taste of freedom.

While the ordeal is over, Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann had less-than-conclusive thoughts about Knox, painted in the Italian tabloids as "Foxy Knoxy." 

That was a nickname the college student gave herself on her Myspace page, throughout the highly publicized trial and again during her recent appeal.

Hellman says Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito "maybe know" more information about Meredith Kercher's death in Perugia, and that "the real truth could be different" than "the truth that was created in the trial" based on evidence.

"They could also be responsible," he says, "but the proof isn't there."

What do you think: Amanda Knox is ...

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Whateva yall, she looks way better than Hayden!


All those of you who are bothered or angered by Amanda's existence should know that I'll gladly take her off your hands. She's welcome to hang out any time for as long as she wants. :)


people like Alice so immature that think Amanda was the victim here, right! and if she makes lots of money she should NOT mention Meridith's name or her image at all that would be plain disrespectful to her memory and family specially when she KNOWS what really happened that night!


Shut up u hags she didn't call her self that her friend made it up for her!they would call her that in her soccer games did u watch the movie?


I think she is very pretty.


Lol @ Erin, I'm not trying to be mean but I agree she isn't very attractive. The nickname doesn't suit her at all. :/


There is no way that Amanda Knox is guilty. I hope she makes a lot of money too as she's lost her youth and her innocence. She'll try, but she can never really have a normal life.


I don't know where she gets off calling herself Foxy Knoxy, she's not even pretty let alone foxy.

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