Publishers to Casey Anthony: Hit the Bricks, Tot Mom!

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Amid reports that NBC is trying to secure a book deal for Casey Anthony in exchange for an interview... not a lot of publishers are showing interest in such a deal.

The biggest names in publishing want nothing to do with "Tot Mom" (copyright Nancy Grace), with one even calling this hypothetical book deal "blood money."

Check out the statements of three prominent publishing houses:

Casey Anthony Partying

“We are 100% not interested. We are NOT NOT NOT interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, attorneys or any member of her team." - Simon & Schuster

“We are still planning on publishing the prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book. We’re sticking with the prosecutor.” - Harper Collins

"We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony." - Penguin

Another publisher that asked not to be named had this to say when asked if they would be interested in such a project: "Hell no ... it's blood money."

Tough break, Case. You could always start a blog.


An answer from an exerpt! Thanks for contributing.


How can someone kill their own child? a innocent child? that bitch has issues. God has a bigger plan for casey anthony...thats even worst than being in jail. when its judgement day...she will have hers. she will burn in hell. she will never be welcome in this world. she rather go party and be a slut then to take care of her child. she couldnt handle being a parent...when shes still a little kid herself. shes most likely giving head right now...or at the club dancing.


Casey is behind alot of these posts and her trolls! her web site casey anthony is it is her behind i am sure of it.. She cannot help herself.... stop blaming other people Casey for your actions.... If you are so abused and scared for life and your current behaivor is because of that abuse as you and your laywers hide behind, than you should not be in the public at all, you should be in a hospitol. What are you going to do next and blame on others? You are enjoying all this, it is totally obviously... You have NO conscience NONE.... her web site does not let you leave any derogatory comments and they ONLY post things that make her look better like this new book inside casey anthony mind or whatever it is.. it is truly sick..... She even posts a thank you to all her supporters out there.. sick sick sick. REST IN PEACE LITTLE CAYLEE MARIE IN GODS ARMS......


'Amanda' my ass. That's Casey for sure. I watched the entire case. There's not a single doubt in my mind that she is as guilty as guilty gets. Yes she should be put to death but since that didn't happen its fine with me that she's destined to a sad lonely miserable guilt ridden life (if she has any emotions at all which I SERIOUSLY doubt). What a freaking moron. Go to hell Amanda or should I say Casey. This whole thing just burns me up. Lies on top of lies on top of lies. Not to mention her mom needs to be prosecuted for perjury too but that'd be too good to be true also I guess.


I wish that the "assignation attempt" story in the Enquirer WAS true. I want this baby killing sad excuse of a "mom" to live the rest of her life in fear. I hope baby Caylee haunts her and drives her, and the grandparents insane and they don't know what to do with themselves.


rot in hell you fuckin baby killer


LOL, or this Amanda is that idiot on the "Dr. Phill" show or Ms. Simms..hahaahahahaha. Casey Anthony is a child murderer and most of the world believes that, and no I would not buy, read or even touch a book written by her or her disfunctional lying lawyers.


To The Publishers Who Choose Not to Affiliate Their Name to AChild Murder,Thank You and it,s Good to Know Some Have Common Sense and Morals Left.It Is BLOOD. MONEY, Pure And Simple and Would Dishonor the Memory of A Beautiful Child Gone to Soon.....


kc killed caylee and i hope she never gets a book deal....hope she perishes in hell


My God! Is that skank Anthony still alive? She is a Poster Child for Birth Control. That family dosent have issues- it's a Train Wreck! The Prosecution for that trail should be tried!

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