Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson Boycotting Conrad Murray Trial

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Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, the children of the late Michael Jackson, have decided to instill a self-imposed boycott of Dr. Conrad Murray's trial.

The physician, accused of involuntary manslaughter, faces a long prison term if convicted. The trial, which began last week, is expected to last weeks.

Sources say that for the kids, especially Prince and Paris, rehashing the details of how Michael died is just too hard, and they're trying to tune it out.

MJ Kids

Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother and the kids' guardian, is said to be relieved that kids aren't more curious and desperate to pay close attention.

After prosecutor David Walgren displayed the body of Michael Jackson in the opening statement of the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, the stakes were high.

Katherine was unhappy and disturbed the shocking pic was displayed, and the 911 call placed after MJ was found unresponsive was also unnerving.

At this point it's unlikely that the kids will be called as witnesses against Murray, as the prosecution feels it has plenty of others to prove its case.

The children certainly do not wish to be involved whatsoever. However, if asked to take the stand, Prince Michael will testify without complaint.

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- This wasn't involuntary mansloghter it was just INTENTIONAL manslaughter of/by GROSS prophesional miconduct.
- This stupid doc needs to be put on deathrow and terminate his life with a lethal inoculation.
- This is the end of everything and every body satisfied.


Omg! @kelly u need to get over ur self. Y was it the security that r at fault? Y did murry take the time to stop and call security to call 911? Any GOOD doctor would have reached over for the phone and called them himself. He WAS mj's doc and was the one attending to him it was HIS responsability to call. No one elses. He should rot in jail for failing to call on time and being just another yes man to a famous person with addiction probs.




Why are people debating whether or not he's their bio-father? Ugh it has nothing to do with the article. He IS their father, Prince has vitiligo like Michael, Paris looks similar to Joe and other members of the family, Blanket is the spitting image of Michael, and Prince and Paris' mother was WHITE, hence the mixed race/light tone to their skin. He did not pay to have any of them. He's their father through blood and the fact he's raised them, from birth, as a single father. UGH.


Dr. Conrad is NOT guilty. Security had to call 911 and the Dr. told security 2x to call and they didn't so why was that the Dr's fault? Who was giving Michael drugs during the day? What about his dematologist he was seeing everyday to get high? What about his assistant that let him use his name to get drugs? Among others. What about security that was supposed to call 911 but was on eBay. Who erased the video cameras in the house? U know that was security or???? Everyone is covering their own butt and Conrad is the fall guy.


The children couldn't care less if Michael is their biological father. He's the man that raised and loved them, put food on the table, provided them with food and shelter. That right there is a dad. But Prince has vitiligo, so that right there tells me that Michael is the bio father.


Only because he is a BLACK Dr., is anyone questioning him. Sicko Jacko is their father...he paid for each one in leave the bro alone. Whitey sucks. Honkey...


I dont think Michael is their biological father. They look nothing like him


They are cute kids. I don't know any of these people personally, but I blame Casey Anthony for these kids anguish and Americas economy but my king Obama says 'stop complaining' so that's what my brainwashed ignorant media led mind is gonna do.....not


MJ's Step Children Should Stay away from that mess.

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