Pregnant Jessica Simpson Looks to Cash in on Kid

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As far as we're concerned, Eric Johnson made Jessica Simpson pregnant and that's a fact. She has not denied this report, and all signs point to its accuracy.

She hasn't officially confirmed anything, however, and reportedly will not do so until she secures a magazine deal for at least $500,000, Page Six reports.

Somehow not surprising in the least.

Jessica Simpson Covering Her Baby Bump

With the help of her father/manager/pimp Joe Simpson, Jessica refuses to say she is expecting until she had a deal in place. But will she be able to get one?

This isn't exactly 2003 here. While still a celebrity by any measure, Jess is no longer all the rage these days. Her last movie and album were ... we forget.

Plus, how many gossip mags are going to drop half a mill just to "break" this news ... especially after In Touch already did a month ago? Quite unclear.

The longer she walks around hiding her obvious bump (see Jessica Simpson photos) and saying nothing only diminishes the chances of a big payday too.

You can admit it, Jess. Share the joyous news. Then you can stop walking around in black, baggy clothes looking ridiculous with giant bags in front of you.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


I agree with Olivia. I bet her Father will get his share of the money they get for selling baby photos. He needs to go back to the Church.

Maryanne gaeta

personally i can't stand Jessica Simpson....what the hell is she famous for anyway???? she can't sing or act, and i thought like most people that she was a christian.....was it all an act, just to get what else is new with these celebrities....she along with other celebs gets me sick.....nuf said.....


Don't they ALL cash in on their pregnancies? I am soo sick of hearing about "baby bumps"
WHO CARES they didn't invent pregnancy Its been done many times


Jessica Simpson Baby Bump October 2011 Photos HERE:


Well Olivia, since she was already married, had a reality show that talked about her losing her virginity her wedding night and followed her married life for years, I think the cat is out of the bag...


For some reason, my previous comment was deleted. She has confirmed the pregnancy. If you look on Google, OK! Magazine says that she told them she was pregnant. (BTW, mods. Even if you delete this comment again, the world will know as the mag comes out on October 24-27, all week around the nation. Good job. Soon enough.)


I don't like the harsh tone in this 'article' one little bit. It is mean, off-putting and unlike THG. :( We're talking about a mother and a baby here .. possibly. I'm afraid it means I'll visit THG less.


I DON'T BELIEVE IT! CALL'N OUT A WHITE WOMAN FOR BEING A SLUT??? WOW, IS THIS THE SAME AMERICA THAT I WOKE UP IN YESTERDAY? White girls can have all the babies that they want out of biggie...have a sister get knocked up w/out a hubby and she is a drain on the system. Racists pigs.


ppl dont have 2 tell their biz till they're ready. I dont blame her, i'd wait till i wantd 2. Ppl r gonna speculate anywayz. & again @THG, plz get ur OWN stories, yall r gett'n so fucking lame. Yall need 2 fire the asshole thats doing all of the hating on these celebs


And I am taking it @Olivia whether you are a Christian or not, don't we all fall short of the glory of God? Aren't we all sinners regardless of how much of a Christian she may be or you may be or I may be? There is only ONE that is perfect & HIS name is Jesus.

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