Police Respond to Serious Death Threat Against Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is facing a new death threat, sources confirm, and this one is a lot more serious than any Twitter messages left by Justin Bieber fans.

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According to TMZ, LAPD's Threat Management Unit has responded to a restraining order obtained by Gomez against a 46-year old crazy person named Thomas Brodnicki.

Brodnicki was reportedly picked up for mental evaluation last month after threatening to "scratch people's eyes out on the street." During sessions with a psychologist, he allegedly said he traveled to Los Angeles to meet Selena; visited her place of work on three occasions; and talked with God about murdering the singer.

Court documents reveal that Gomez is living in "extreme fear" of this taunt and that detectives are taking it seriously. Brodnicki has a history of mental illness and of issuing criminal threats.

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But that is horrible. I feel bad for Selena.


I dont think this was a Justin fan. I think it was just a man with a mental illness that decided to act out on Selena. For all we know he could be a stalker. He didnt seem to be linked to any Justin craze! So I wouldnt blame JB fans at all on this one, I would blame....the crazy people in this world!


That's nice

Samantha lakin

Justin fans get a freakin life for god sakes do you really think he would look twice at you no and if he did you would be in the same shoes as gomez get over your selfs and get a really boyfriend. Also that's really bad and sad for a 46 year old man to threaten gomez he needs locking up big time. And gomez ain't a slut at all only cause she dating Justin you call her all names under sun. And they can track you down for threating gomez and the police can arrest you which i think you deserve if ya are going to be stupid and nasty


People r just completely dumb I think. These r stars thy r not leaving thyr gf or bfs to date u... Leave them alone so they can shimmer shake n bake .. Thats it get over it. In 20 years you will be my age n be like who cares n wtf all the same...really


All these immature 'Beliebers' are really annoying me. Selena is a beautiful, talented girl and all these death threats are not needed. Even if Justin broke up with Selena, I doubt Justin would date any of his fans. Leave poor Sel alone!


Most of u are big bieber fans and u want him to break up with selly,i only have 1 thing to say u are not his fans.u want justin to be sad and heart broken insted of having some one like selena burn in hell bitches :)


Okay first things first . If you are going to even have the nerve to go up online and post these ridiculous comments about how she is a slut and all , then why even bother ? YOU are not friends with her . YOU don't know anything about what she does or how she carries herself . And I know that for a fact that some of you only comment on this stuff just because your jelouis of this gorgeous , and talented celebrity . Yes she is famous , but that only means that she will always be more popular , talented , and all of the wonderful things above . All I am saying is before you start all this crap , get your house in order first . And if you can not even do that , then why bother with it ?


Selena is one of a kind sweet young lady that has alot of talent, and she is not hard to look at eather. Selena has worked very hard to help people on top of her career. I'm a 57 yr old man that likes her up beat ways happy go luck personalty! I think of her as a daughter type friend. All I can say if she was my daughter I'd be one of the proudest fathers ever!!! I CAN'T UNDESTAD HOW ANY PERSON COULD HATE HER LET ALONE HATE HER ENOUGH TO TALK KILLING HER???? THIS MAN SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOREVER HE IS ONE SICK PUPPY. YOU CANT FIX THIS KIND OF MAN.. SO TAKE CARE SELENA LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK. YOU ARE A VERY SLECIAL HUMINBEING!!!!


Selena, I hope the best for you through this. If you people remember right, the singer Selena was murdered because of a selfish sick woman. I hope Selena and her family stay safe. I also hope this man gets the help he needs.

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