Police Respond to Serious Death Threat Against Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is facing a new death threat, sources confirm, and this one is a lot more serious than any Twitter messages left by Justin Bieber fans.

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According to TMZ, LAPD's Threat Management Unit has responded to a restraining order obtained by Gomez against a 46-year old crazy person named Thomas Brodnicki.

Brodnicki was reportedly picked up for mental evaluation last month after threatening to "scratch people's eyes out on the street." During sessions with a psychologist, he allegedly said he traveled to Los Angeles to meet Selena; visited her place of work on three occasions; and talked with God about murdering the singer.

Court documents reveal that Gomez is living in "extreme fear" of this taunt and that detectives are taking it seriously. Brodnicki has a history of mental illness and of issuing criminal threats.

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know himself very good singer& access she very sweet,my best wixhes always herself


i think that selena gomez is a nice girl and she dosnt desirve that they both desirve to live a normal life with out being threaten there in love so let them be. One day u will too hes/she is out there some where


well im a belieber and i dont really agree with their relashanship but if thats what justin wants im happy for it but i still think their over reacting with the death threts so matter what u saw their not gonna stop loving each other! u should only follow ur fans no mean people! my siggestion


OMG that is crazzy he is just jeloues dnt worry nothings going to happen to u if u have guerds have them by u keep a knife with u and u will be ok


why cant people just leave selena alone and if any one dose kill her people that like her will kill who ever killed her.


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That's creepy but that's stupid how one person gets attention for being stalked but we have thousands of people who hey stalked by phychos and nobody gives a crap. Some people even die or get killed. I'm not trying to be mean but her problem doesn't seem as bad as others. Is she beatened with hundreds of stabs and wounds? No. So I'm just saying that she doesn't have it as hard.


carry a gun.


I happen to disagree wit h KenI think she's a very beautiful girl.And really, Ken it's not as though you'd ever have a chance, Mr.


Oh and
Marcus, there's no more high school musical it is finished! Keep up!!!

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