Paris Jackson and Chris Brown: L.A. Love-Fest!

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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is in love with Chris Brown, and the singer was more than willing to return the love last night at his L.A. concert.

Chris, a devout fan of the King of Pop, made sure his 13-year-old daughter got nothing short of the VIPĀ  treatment when she came to see him live.

Once Chris learned Jackson would be attending, he invited Paris to the pre-show soundcheck, where he greeted her with a giant, friendly hug.

Chris Brown Rocks Out
Paris J. Pic

Nice to see Chris hook up one of his biggest fans.

After the warm up and meeting Chris, Paris Jackson made her way to her front row seat with her friends and rocked out to the sold-out show.

A ton of other stars were on hand to watch Brown rock the house, including Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans, Sean Kingston and Kendall Jenner.

Safe to say Team Breezy was in the house.



My prayer to Jesus is that a Christian couple will adopt these children (who are not Michael's) so that they can have a normal life.


Hey if we can give criminal that paid their debt to Soceity a second chance then why not give Chris brown a second he regrets what he done and I'm sure he is seeking help and he is trying so hard to move on with his life .nobody is perfect I wish him the best .and Paris is a beautiful girl she has Michael smile rip MJ


They're growing up so fast! It's refreshing that Michael's kids don't seem to be self-entitled brats like some of the Hollywood kids out there. They do want to get into showbusiness, but they seem to be taking the right course instead of just jumping in because of who their dad is. Awesome that they're involved in extra-curriculars, going to school, taking classes outside of school (ie karate, acting classes, etc.) and still managing to just be kids. THAT is what Michael wanted for just be kids. I do not think he'd approve of the way they've been pushed out to promote certain things like grandma Katherine's Never Can Say Goodbye book or how they were seen with that creepy guy involved with selling the shady MJ perfume. But I think he would approve of the fact that they seem dedicated to continuing Michael's humanitarian work. He would be proud of that. :)



Avatar i love MJ's kids, they are so beautiful.....all three of them, jealous to say so. But on the other note *MJ, its food* it don't matter what its like, at the end of the day, your Dad can't have enough of it, lets be honest here #RockandRoll


Truly adorable.... Micheal Jackson is forever Chris Brown's Insirpation/Motivation. To have someone so close to the Late SuperStar (R.I.P Micheal-xoxo) must of filled Breezy's heart truly.
Every single person walking this Earch surface has made mistakes in their lives.... From huge to even minor. Unfortunaly Chris's had come to hands of the World due to his stautes.
I just can't grasp or understand why some people can't just accept and move past it, the dude took full responsiblities for his actions and did what he had to do (Judges orders).
If the victim herself (Rihanna) can get over it, everyone else (WHO HAD NOTHING to do with the incident) should also.


@LI_Mom shut tha fuck up bitch u jst mad cause he makin money and ur not.stop being a HATER!!!


Too bad know one is paying any attention too the bitter haters. Keep on doing your thing Chris, you proved them all wrong, what a comeback. Sold out arena's on this tour.


Who doesn't love an abuser? Good publicity for Chris Brown & I'M SURE the Jacksons will figure out a way to profit from this as well.

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