Orlando Jones: Liberals Need to Kill Sarah Palin!

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The death of Moammar Gadhafi set off a string of celebrations throughout Libya, concerns among the international community ... and absurd comments on Twitter.

An instant, harmless classic: “Lunch with Gadhafi, cancelled.” - Steve Martin.

On Saturday, though, actor Orlando Jones went in a different direction:

“Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin (:” wrote the star ... drawing a harsh rebuke.

Orlando Jones Pic
Sarah Palin Gets Fired Up!

Palin has not responded on Twitter to Jones’ remarks, but supporters have.

An account called Tennessee4Palin (@TN4P) wrote, “Why does @TheOrlandoJones think it’s funny to call for Sarah Palin to be murdered? #palin #liberaltolerance”

Jones' response, “No I don’t. I think it’s funny you are so upset about my inane tweet.”

Another user then tweeted at him, “You are obviously a big fat moron. How about someone talked about killing your mother or sister. Is that Funny-ha, ha?”

Jones' response to that one: “Yay! Name calling. I’m a moron that’s working on the big and fat part. Maybe you could buy me food & complete the trifecta (:”

What do you think? Did Orlando Jones go too far?

He admits he was "inane," yes, but telling people to KILL her? Really? And likening Palin to Gadhafi ... is that any different than Hank Williams' Obama-Hitler comparison?

Tell us what you think by commenting and voting below ...

Whose side are you on?


What happened to the liberal mantra let all get along, guess the can't even get along with each other. Orlando Jones should keep his thoughts to himself, guess his mouth and mind are not capible.


Liberals are intimidated by any one who will not follow the ones agenda. Lets get these criminals out of office and boycott Hollyweird. Do not support them.


Mister Mobuto THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE Signed, A Grateful America


I guess I made Dan Dietz soil his panties.


Hey Beanie, You conveniently forget that defeated Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell did the same thing to JD Hayworth a few years ago in Arizona, running a campaign ad featuring JD Hayworth in the crosshairs of a rifle. And this was done BEFORE Sarah Palin used targets on a map. BTW, my boss just set a target date for implementation of a new procedure. Does that mean he wants me to shoot the new procedure?? You can't spell LIBERAL without LIE


"That wasn't me. I guess some sniveling coward stole my screen name." Yep, it was me.


What is it with OJ's and killing women?


This woman is trash trash TRASH!" That wasn't me. I guess some sniveling coward stole my screen name.


"What is wrong with you that your spouse left you and your kids, I wonder." She may have been a liberal, or white trash. I'll bet, in your fit of short-sighted stupidity, you may have not considered she may have passed away.


This woman is trash trash TRASH!

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