Nicole Polizzi: Snooki is Not a Role Model, But I Am!

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Can Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi possibly be considered a role model? 

All depends on which parts of that name you want to focus on.

The Jersey Shore star says she draws a line between her guidette alter ego and the person she actually is ... which is basically the same as her alter ego.

Whatever name she uses, she still does these things. That is all.

Tan Snooki

Oh well. "I think you see more of the party side of me ... on the show, but right now, you're talking to Nicole," the train wreck told Today's Matt Lauer.

She admits the tanning addict, club-going, makeout queen we see on MTV is not a role model, but "the soft, calm, business-ready person” Nicole Polizzi is.

Call her what you want, she looks awfully tan in real life. Just saying.

"Snooki's definitely not a role model. Snooki's just there to have fun in life," she shared. "Nicole, I would say, I can be a role model. I have a strong personality."

"I'm very strong, independent and I'm loveable, I guess," she said while promoting her book Confessions of a Guidette, which tells you all you need to know.


Yeah there we go! Teach kids and teens do sleep around and drink till we puke and get arrested multiple times. That's all we need is knocked up 8 year-olds with fake tans running around drunk off their asses, falling on the beach! What the HELL is this world coming to?


She is no role model, although she is a good example for how not act. Young women should aspire to be the opposite of her, do this and you are on your way to being a beautiful,wonderful women with good morals!


Lol I really enjoy Jersey Shore, quite entertaining but really?! That's like porn star saying "No, that wasn't me, that was my alter ego having that three-some, wasn't even there.." Lol she sure is as dumb as a rock, but still oh so funny. Kids say the darnest things.. :)


I cannot stand this piece of shit! Go away. Not a thing attractive or talent on this "thing".




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