Nicki Minaj Shocks Super Bass Super Fan on Ellen

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Turns out, it actually does get cuter than watching Sophia Grace Brownlee cover "Super Bass."

The five-year old has grown into a viral sensation due to this video of her making like Nicki Minaj, an adorable stunt that led to an appearance by Sophia on Ellen this week... and to the shock of little Sophia's life.

Watch below as Minaj surprises both the audience and, most importantly, her biggest fan:

“Within five seconds of seeing this video, I was calling everyone I knew and I was also receiving a billion emails,” Nicki told DeGeneres. “Everyone is like, ‘You have to see this little girl.’ She blew me away!”


Oh my goodness! Definitely brought tears to my eyes. Not many people give back to their fans like this anymore.


i love your song


i love u so much nicki


Those little girls are adorable and hilarious. I love how the little brunette just cannot control her excitement and her squeals. So cute and sweet.


I LOOOOOVE Nicki!!!!!!!! I looove her more seeing how down to earth she is and letting them hug her,,she gave those little girls a memory theyll remember forever...GOD BLESS NICKI I LOOOOOOVE HER AND SO DOES MY DAUGHTERS..NICKIS NUMBER1


The little girl is really talented we will be seeing more of her in the future and Nicki was really just was so down to earth none of that diva stuff with the don't touch me, don't look at me when I enter the room bull.


Those little girls are adorable. The one who was singing looks so
happy to show everyone what she can do. Bravo!!!I enjoy their performance. Thanks Ellen.


I love Nicki!!!
She's so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was soo awesome, these little girls are adorable, smart and super talented. I Love Ellen, she makes dreams come true! No one could replace her!! Wish Ellen would read this, shes a friend of mine on you tube!


Awwww nicki minaj did a great thing for this little girl

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