Nicki Minaj, Boyfriend Confront Maid; Cops Arrive on Scene

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Nicki Minaj was involved in another incident that required police assistance yesterday.

As first reported by TMZ, the singer fired a maid a few weeks ago because the employee fished a photo of Minaj out of the trash and asked her boss to sign it. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon.

Nicki Minaj on SNL

Nicki allegedly grew enraged because she saw this maid around her property and screamed at her to "get the f-ck out of my house!" But there was a problem: Neighbors confirm Minaj made a mistake and this was a different maid!

Still, under a case of mistaken identity, Nicki's boyfriend approached the woman and actually shoved her.

Police were called to the scene, a battery complaint was filed, but no one was taken into custody. In July, cops also intervened in an incident involving Minaj, as she got into it with a man outside a Dallas hotel.

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*... I'm Just Assuming-But What I Do Know For Sure Is That Nicki's Boyfriend Should Of Went To Jail For Shoving That Maid*! *thumbdown


*Ummm 1st Off-What Was A Picture Of Nicki Minaj Doing In The Trash Can? (Total Cover Up)Liiieeess- I Believe Nicki Is Caty-She Only Smiles On Her Video Sets And Photos. She Always Looks Way 2 Stern-Like Her Phony Friendly Face At The Grammys Hosted By L.l.Cool J-Maybe: Nicki Demanded Something From That Maid-Whom Might Not Of Liked Nicki's Nasty "Chop-Chop" Attitude With Her- And The Maid Didn't Like It And Tried To Tell Nicki To Treat Her Better-Then Nicki Wanted To Lash Out @ That Maid And Told Her Gtfo- That Is How I Think It Went- The Bad Case Of Inflated Egos-The Fame Done Got To Nicki's Head!


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Uhh.. I liked(ish) Nicki, but she's really letting the "fame" get to her butt.. Lol jk but really she's really milking her 5 mins of fame.. And my question is, why would her boyfriend put his hands on this maid in the first place?? If they really had a problem with this woman on their property why not call the police instead of handleing it verbally/physically??


Um alex......ur coment did not clear anything up. Mistaken identity or not does not give nicki the right to act like that or treat ANYBODY that way. We all have to make aliving some how. Wether its sing and preforming or scrubbing toilets and cleaning up after selfish slobs.


Minaj is the best.we like her in Rwanda


Alright I figure I should come here and clear something up. The maid involved in this story is my cousin's mother in law. Yes, there was another maid before her who, from what she was told, "stole something of Nick's". So she was offered a job to maid a house that happened to be the home of Nicki Minaj. Well, Nicki returns home and sees her and MISTAKES her for the other maid and calls her a "STUPID MEXICAN" and everything else that was involved in the news report.