Nancy Grace Speaks on Fart-Gate: It Wasn't Me!

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Finally. After days of speculation, Nancy Grace herself is weighing in on the Dancing With the Stars fart controversy. Confronted by TMZ at dinner last night, she admitted that gas was passed ... but pinned it on her partner, Tristan MacManus!

"If you listen really closely to that clip," she said, "it has an Irish accent."

Good one, Nance. But we're not buying it for a second. As the old saying goes ... she who smelt it, dealt it. The one who denied it, supplied it. Owned.

Or maybe you're wrong. Watch the clip and decide for yourself ...

Who let one rip on Dancing With the Stars?


un-uh Nancy, that was you and you know it, piggy. take a polygraph. what are you afraid of?


Pheeewweee...nancy...y lie about it..caught on tape...huh???.


It's funny that she farted, but not a bad thing. The bad thing is she lies about it (and about her nipple being exposed last time) when she often criticizes people on her own show and calling them liars without any substantiated reasoning.


Seriously disgusting


Like Brenda said, Nancy Grace grabbed her tummy. Dead give away.


That's a no brainer...she grabbed her stomach during the explosion!


This farting episode goes perfect with Nancy Grace's character,a woman that makes living off exploited and missing children.She should have cried her crocodile tears after she farted.


If he who smelt it dealt it, I suppose the grander question is.... Who smelt it?

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