Nancy Grace on Amanda Knox Verdict: Casey Anthony Redux!

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Nancy Grace doesn't hold back.

The news pundit and Dancing With the Stars competitor was not among the many people lauding the Amanda Knox verdict yesterday. Grace's thoughts on Knox's conviction (in the 2007 slaying of Meredith Kercher) being overturned?

"I think that it was a miscarriage of justice," she said.

Amanda Knox, Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace does not hold back when it comes to her favorite cash cows.

"I only hope Ms. Knox makes something of her life because she's certainly been given a second chance. Very few people are given the chance she has been given."

Knox, a University of Washington student who had been studying in Perugia, Italy, faced a sentence of 26 years in prison after being convicted of murder in 2009.

Yesterday, an appeals court overturned the 24-year-old's conviction.

Grace did not directly link the Amanda Knox trial to that of another infamous case in which a young woman, Casey Anthony, was controversially cleared of murder.

She didn't have to. Grace famously said "the devil is dancing tonight" upon the release of Anthony, who she ripped frequently and derisively referred to as "Tot Mom."

There are some parallels between the women, but unlike the Casey Anthony case, wasn't Knox cleared, at least in part, because of an independent review of DNA evidence? Which made the case against her less incriminating?

What do you think? Is Nancy on point? Off base? Running her yap for ratings? Should she just stick to Dancing With the Stars nipple slips and call it a day?

You tell us: Amanda Knox is ...


I dont know if Amanda is guilty or not,but I think Nancy Grace is quite often over the top.I wonder if she faced a defamation suit and actually forced to prove what she said would she be so public and vocal with her comments.


Danielle #1
i agree with mariannap i live here too. the thing is, we don't have blinders on, we see it all so much more clearly than you from afar and know things you don't. you're naive and you're ignorant to think italy would sentence her because she is american, excuse me were rafaelle and rudy american too?
as they say, we aren't saying they are innoncent, but the evidence isn't sufficient to punish them, unlike your country she'd be on death row. oh well, she's your baby now, thank god, she make millions and go to hollywood, just where she belongs, she's such an actress.


Haley! Looks are not everything. You can judge a book by the cover! It seems you have judge them (Amanda & Raffaele) base on her looks. Please give me the “circumstantial evidence�! There is none! The Jury did read the some 10 thousand pages of “circumstantial evidence� before making their judgment! Give me one thing that you believe would be beyond reasonable doubt the evidence to convict? I think OJ Simpson was Guilty as all heck! He was not guilty for the Criminal, but Guilty for the civil court case. There was a political reason for this in my option!


Frank, so comforting to know that we have such a "wise" and "all-knowing" person living amongst us in this world. If circumstantial evidence and forensics were so compelling in the way of evidence, why did Casey Anthony get set free?? While I do not claim to know if Amanda is guilty or innocent, she doesn't look innocent. Circumstantial evidence clearly seems to point to her. While I do believe that perhaps she may be a victim of the media blowing her actions out of proportion, the truth is that none of you know if she is guilty or innocent. If anyone is entitled to make a "blanket" statement such as that of what Nancy Grace said, she is more entitled to say it than any of us. Her background in law gives her knowledge and insight that many of us don't possess. Let's face it, Nancy gets blasted because she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is has a keen intuition and is extremely intelligent. At least if you are going to run your mouth - know what you are talking about!


Oh really Nancy YOU KNOW she's guilty.. And you get this greater power from where?? Or maybe you're trying to tell us something else, or maybe you're just not stable. The devil is dancing alright, because every time you open your judgemental mouth he get's a little more of your soul.


Danielle1, do you even know what you're talking about? first off guede's semen was NOT found in, on, or around meredith. epithelial cells were. in no way do i believe he is innocent but he did not act alone. &amanda did know guede. they had hung out a couple of times in the boys flat that lived below amanda&the girls. so the only person who seems to not know their facts is YOU. look it up. someone who is innocent does not lie REPEATEDLY. even lumba said amanda was one of the best actresses he knew. the only thing this case proves is if you hire the right pr person&have enough money, you'll get away with murder. people are too naive and refuse to look past "poor falsely accused amanda knox."


Why is everybody talking about the murderers, like Casey Anthony
and Amanda Knox, and not the poor victims. Amanda and Casey are alike
and they are both very good liars and know how to convince people to believe their stories. They were both very jealous of their victims
and jealous people can be very dangerous & deadly. I hope justice will be served for the victims.


It was totally inappropriate for Nancy Grace to make those comments about Amanda Knox while she (Nancy) was on DWTS. It wasn't Nancy's show, so why then. Also, if Nancy has evidence why doesn't she turn it over to the Italian police. So Nancy, I hope you lose your fan base over this.


Disappointed in Nancy Grace's comments against Amanda Knox. Not a very good judge of character, Nancy. I've kept up with the case from the beginning and cannot believe your show needs to join in the smearing of innocents to raise your ratings.


Frank, You are absolutely right...perfectly said! The ignorance on this board is astonishing.Nancy Grace might be a little over the top in her ways but she is very smart and well informed.She doesn't have any secret information, just what everybody on here could look up in 15 minutes time.

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