Nancy Grace on Amanda Knox Verdict: Casey Anthony Redux!

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Nancy Grace doesn't hold back.

The news pundit and Dancing With the Stars competitor was not among the many people lauding the Amanda Knox verdict yesterday. Grace's thoughts on Knox's conviction (in the 2007 slaying of Meredith Kercher) being overturned?

"I think that it was a miscarriage of justice," she said.

Amanda Knox, Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace does not hold back when it comes to her favorite cash cows.

"I only hope Ms. Knox makes something of her life because she's certainly been given a second chance. Very few people are given the chance she has been given."

Knox, a University of Washington student who had been studying in Perugia, Italy, faced a sentence of 26 years in prison after being convicted of murder in 2009.

Yesterday, an appeals court overturned the 24-year-old's conviction.

Grace did not directly link the Amanda Knox trial to that of another infamous case in which a young woman, Casey Anthony, was controversially cleared of murder.

She didn't have to. Grace famously said "the devil is dancing tonight" upon the release of Anthony, who she ripped frequently and derisively referred to as "Tot Mom."

There are some parallels between the women, but unlike the Casey Anthony case, wasn't Knox cleared, at least in part, because of an independent review of DNA evidence? Which made the case against her less incriminating?

What do you think? Is Nancy on point? Off base? Running her yap for ratings? Should she just stick to Dancing With the Stars nipple slips and call it a day?

You tell us: Amanda Knox is ...


USA is Sooooo Lucky to have the Illustrious Amanda Knox back safe at Home. Maybe we'll all get a chance someday to meet this classy,intelligent woman who did no wrong......Yeah Right!!!!!!


Also Nancy, don't use DWTS to spew information that you won't back up in the proper venue. Get a gripe.


I applaud Nancy's work for missing women and children but since when
would she keep her mouth shut if she knew something about the Knox case that the rest of us haven't heard If she knew something as a bona-fide fact she would be spewing it as I type. Put up or shut up, Nancy.


Oh yes! Italy' favorite pastime is fabricating evidence against innocent americans.....So much so that Mrs. Clinton wouldn't touch this case with a ten foot pole. But then again she also rubs people the wrong way. Why is it that smart,intelligent, educated women in this country are put down just because they speak their minds?
In Italy freedom of speech and civil liberties are alive and well,sometimes to the extreme, the People are not brainwashed into believing they are....they just really are.


Oh it made sense Mary! Did I say Semen, No I didn't! Because You're so smart you tell us what the conculsion is. Why were Guede's Skin cells found inside of poor Meredith Dead body. And while your at it explain why police didn't test for DNA on Semen found at the murder scene.


Oh thank you msp0160; I hope that everyone here in the US and abroad listen to you. You have a voice of reason...


Joie; if you read what i actually said was that guede's SEMEN was not found in, on, or around meredith. &it wasn't. i even said it was epithelial cells that were found inside of her. actually read what i say next time before making a rebuttal that makes absolutely no sense.


Ok all you "non pro Knox" or "haters" as we like to say here in the USA. Those of you out there who keep talking about the MOUNTAIN of evidence that points to the involvement of Amanda and her boy friend. Where is it!!!! Don't tell me about the DNA on the knife and bra strap either! I think we've proved a little more intellegence than that. Don't give us crap because we don't convict on fabricated lies. If you have solid evidence then bring it, if you don't then shut up.


Um, Mary do you know what YOU are talking about! Guede's DNA WAS found In, On, and Around Meredith!!!!


DEAN, from the girl’s background (Amanda), what did she do wrong? I agree with you that “Nancy Grace� is over the top! Look at Ms. Coulter, she really has is wrong! What the Heck is a motive, what? When one drops the media, and sees this as for what it is, then it is simple. I do not believe it was as complicated as the they (the Perugia police) made it. I really feel sorry for the Kercher Family!

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