Nancy Grace on Amanda Knox Verdict: Casey Anthony Redux!

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Nancy Grace doesn't hold back.

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    Nancy Grace is a nobody, she obviously wasn't following the case, or she really doesn't know anything thing about criminal justice. Amanda Knox is not guilty.


    Amanda is guilty as all hell! The girl can join Casey Anthony and Gary Giordano with getting away with murder. Blood was found on a knife in her boyfriends apartment. They bought bleach, why?, while her boy friend was being questioned by police, she was outside doing hand flips. Wouldn't you have been upset that your roommate was murdered. They weren't close friends at all. Plus other facts that send up a red flag. Murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    kill nancy for being a tastless miss piggy lookalike,and the other 2 for being trash with a capital t


    I want to start by stating that I am not a fan of Nancy Grace. In fact, I cannot stand the woman. I think that she is just another Media Whore who acts as a self-appointed Media Vigilante who would sell her soul for a story. In the case of Ms Knox, there has to be serious doubt as to her innocence, because SHE LIED, accusing an innocent man of having a part in the murder;was convicted of that, and given 3 years, time served. She had been locked up for 4 years. In our Court system, if you lie about an important fact in a case, your entire testimony can be discounted. WHY DID SHE LIE and implicate A Black Man? I guess she forgot she was not in the good old USA. This important fact leads credence to Nancy Grace's suspicion that there may have been a miscarriage of justice. Remember; Money Talks everywhere.


    Reading the information on this case, it looks like Amanda left her boyfriend at 9:00p.m. that evening and returned to his apartment at 1:00 a.m. It was also known that Her boyfriend purchased a bottle of bleach at a store early that morning. It looks like they covered for each other. Amanda had something to do with her roommates death, but she is not telling. Especially if she took a shower and didn't question the blood on the floor. Why did her boyfriend buy the bleach? Why did she leave at 9:00 p.m. and return at 1:00 a.m.? Lots of gaps, I can see why the Italians are so upset.


    Im so glad they let Amanda Knox go ! She deserved it. I just hope Hayden Panaterrie gets` to play her part again in a another lifetime movie.


    Really? Amanda is Guilty? Really? The REAL "KILLER" is in jail! Are you tellin me it took 3 people to kill Meredith(RIP)? Amanda was the ONE who KILLED HER? How frickin PATHETIC!!! You want to blame someone or somebody for not knowing the truth? BLAME THE ITALIAN POLICE AND CRIME UNIT!!! It WAS NOT AMANDA!!!!Hell Andy and Barney coulda figured this one out!!! And for the record.............YES Nancy, your UGLY ASS NIPPLE DID POP OUT!!! I feel SORRY for your KIDS!!! Sorry, just threw up in my mouth!


    they should prsacute nancy grace she nothing but a lier an needs to be in prison, for the lies she sptreads xhes a nobodt.


    i think amanda knox was very lucky to have a very good lawyer able to drop all the evidence. i think that if somebody is not guilty, will never change the version of facts. she changed about tree times.


    If Nancy Grace knows something, then out wiwth it or keep quiet! I'm not sure I believe the police when they say there were 3 people who committed this horrible crime. They've not really gotten anything right so far. I believe they said three because there were 3 people close at hand and they felt that's what they needed to say. The police keep saying it had to have been more than one person who committed the crime. There are thousands of murders committed as heinous as this, but only one person was the actual murderer. They were anxious to solve this crime and were way too hasty in their investigation and their accusations.

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