Moammar Gadhafi Death Photo, Video Released

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This morning's reports that exiled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is dead have now been confirmed. There's photo and video evidence, and it is graphic.

Unlike photo or video evidence of the death of Osama bin Laden, which was never released to the public, Al Jazeera has already aired it this afternoon.

News outlets across the world are reporting the story along with a photo of bloody, dying Moammar Gadhafi, moments after he was captured in Libya.

Libyan officials have confirmed Gadhafi was shot to death when rebels pulled him out of a storm drain near his home town of Sirte early this morning.

We've posted the photo and video of Gadhafi's dead body taken immediately after the 69-year-old despot was killed. Be forewarned, both are graphic:

Moammar Gadhafi Death Photo
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i totally fapped twice to this


The next gorge worker buss


i have no problem seeing this tyrant paraded around for all to see. it is just a shame we did not get to see the same for osama and hitler. he deserves this and even more.




This is just disgusting!!! How are people able to sit and watch this? No matter what this guy did, does anyone really deserve to die this way? Let alone be watched by millions who are gloating about it!!! Just disgusting.


Not quite the way You want to start a new with a justice system like we are supposed to have .Sad day for the rule of law.


Next must be the corrupt and Mafia stratigists rulers,feudalists, politicians,and national wealth looters in PAKISTAN.
PEOPLE of PAKISTAN get organised and lets start to grab them all out from islamabad.


There's a current poll on CNN's site... "Is the world a safer place without Moammar Gadhafi? 66% -- Yes
34% -- No Total votes (as of this posting) 239,211. 66% of the people who toke the poll seem to be rather dumb if they believe that it's somehow safer without him. The world is not any safer as a result of his death. Not any safer as a result of the death of Bin Laden. We still have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran. Kill him next -- then maybe things will start looking better.


You know he made sure every libyan was housed and made running water easy and available, too bad he went mad with power.


buti naman at namatay n cia dhil ang wlang hiya niya.....buti lang un s kanya,,,,,HEHEHEHEHE :)