Moammar Gadhafi Death Photo, Video Released

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This morning's reports that exiled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is dead have now been confirmed. There's photo and video evidence, and it is graphic.

Unlike photo or video evidence of the death of Osama bin Laden, which was never released to the public, Al Jazeera has already aired it this afternoon.

News outlets across the world are reporting the story along with a photo of bloody, dying Moammar Gadhafi, moments after he was captured in Libya.

Libyan officials have confirmed Gadhafi was shot to death when rebels pulled him out of a storm drain near his home town of Sirte early this morning.

We've posted the photo and video of Gadhafi's dead body taken immediately after the 69-year-old despot was killed. Be forewarned, both are graphic:

Moammar Gadhafi Death Photo

Stupid Libian, it was all divels (Cristians) plan to distroy Libia and Gadhafi, You people will be regreated soon, you people sold ur county


How can anyone claim that what happened is justice? it was vengence. Plain and simple. Remember, the best way to judge a society is to see how it treats its prisoners.
"ron" learn to spell. at least a little before you post and show the world how truly ignorant you are.


the world is better off without the ones who tourcher and kill there countryman or for that matter anyone and for those who think that the should have been put in jail not killed on the spot maybe you should send your kids mom dad brother sister or anyone u care about to live in the country that thse dictators were from and when the are tourcherd acid dipped betten with a boot to death then you can visit them in jail o wait then u would demand death before u jude those who killed the evil u should put yourself in the shoes who have lived the horrer there whole life

@ ron

Show me how gadahfi die


The punishment should fit the crime, an in this case with gadhafi it did. All crimes should be handled this way. A godless life is best.


Forgiveness to terrorist is left to God.
But fixing their appointment to God is our responsibility.


I was expecting graphic but jeez...All I know is those people reveled in the violence. Yes he was very bad but its not our place to punish him this cruelly...ecstatically stomping/kicking his face/head etc ...That's pretty bad too. No matter what he did we need to let him be judged--not stomped to mush. GOD is the one who's punishment matters. If he doesn't repent before he goes he's lost to an evil that can't even be imagined. That's the punishment that matters.


One day too soon, American government and the stupid youths who killed the Colonel are going to pay- big time!! You don't spit on your father - the Man who's given you everything for free!!


@ Phil..
are You GOD or somekind of GOD?? who can judge people? can tell which one is wrong and which one is right????
just 1 question,,,
when USA start war/invade IRAQ,,they said world gonna be better without Saddam,,,,and what is the result??? is world getting better when Saddam already dead???
when osama bin laden dead?? did our world is better??
and now Moamar world will be better??? and You said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Iran.....????why I really really doubt that?????? most of people know,,,we only need 1 country to be "managed" known as "world Police"....coz from what I saw,,, only that country who always make a WAR...




I think its good for a change but I can say its bad to kill,on the other way for them its good.

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