Michael Lohan: Released From Jail, Arrested Again For Contacting Ex, Pulled Out of Tree By Cops

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Michael Lohan was released from jail on $5,000 bond yesterday following his Tuesday a.m. arrest for domestic violence against on/off girlfriend Kate Major.

Lindsay's father was then arrested AGAIN for allegedly contacting Major in violation of a restraining order, then got stuck in a tree trying to evade police.

Seriously, this actually happened. Talk about going out on a limb.

Michael Lohan Back in Jail

Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed MiLo had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn't leave her alone.

This after he was torn a new one by a judge for violating the restraining order the same day, and told if he even dreamed about Major, he'd go to jail.

Officers interviewed Kate, who called 911 on him earlier this week, at her apartment after she made the call. While police were there, he called. Again.

Officers believed that given Michael's repeated disregard for the no contact order, he was considered a "threat," so they went to his hotel to arrest him.

That's when he tried to escape by hopping a third story balcony ... and landed in a tree. Officers then helped him down and hauled him back to jail.

Michael Lohan was charged with violating a condition of his pretrial release (contacting Kate) and resisting arrest without violence. He is in custody.


He guy clearly needs help, in the shrink department. No wonder his daughter is so screwed up, look at her mom and dad, duh!!!!


i agree 100% will all you just stated Tina G!


And, we expect any better from LiLo?? Look who her father is... Those kids don't stand a chance of ever being normal because they have an asshole for a father and a media whore for a mother... People should have to pass a test and get a license in order to procriate!

Stacy elizabeth milaschewski

bad dad .
i was watching my local news lat night i live in FL i usually tell my husband every lilo newsbit, as this scrolled across the bottom of the screen ( where it belongs IMO) i said nothing, NOT NEWS! you suck lilo dad.


Michael Lohan Arrested Again on October 27 Pictures and Videos Here: http://su.pr/7M8BZy


Michael Lohan Arrested Again Pictures and Videos (October 27) Here: http://su.pr/7M8BZy


Dam this dude... is sooooo desperate for attention... he fucked up his and his families life's.....I would be ashamed to be his daughters or ex wife or ex Watever... he's were he needs to b in jail not the hospital... I'm tired of ppl liKe him n his daughter getting away from volatile situations


One word, IDIOT!!!

Ashley lavallee

she looks horrible. why would anyone want to see her naked?


He's actually at Tampa General Hospital being evaluated, but after that's done, he's going back to jail. What is it about Kate Major that's so great that is worth repeatedly going to jail for? Sounds to me like he needs to be evaluated in the psych ward.

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