Michael Lohan: Released From Jail, Arrested Again For Contacting Ex, Pulled Out of Tree By Cops

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Michael Lohan was released from jail on $5,000 bond yesterday following his Tuesday a.m. arrest for domestic violence against on/off girlfriend Kate Major.

Lindsay's father was then arrested AGAIN for allegedly contacting Major in violation of a restraining order, then got stuck in a tree trying to evade police.

Seriously, this actually happened. Talk about going out on a limb.

Michael Lohan Back in Jail

Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed MiLo had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn't leave her alone.

This after he was torn a new one by a judge for violating the restraining order the same day, and told if he even dreamed about Major, he'd go to jail.

Officers interviewed Kate, who called 911 on him earlier this week, at her apartment after she made the call. While police were there, he called. Again.

Officers believed that given Michael's repeated disregard for the no contact order, he was considered a "threat," so they went to his hotel to arrest him.

That's when he tried to escape by hopping a third story balcony ... and landed in a tree. Officers then helped him down and hauled him back to jail.

Michael Lohan was charged with violating a condition of his pretrial release (contacting Kate) and resisting arrest without violence. He is in custody.

Maryanne gaeta

When i was watching Michael Lohan on Celebrity Rehab, i did like him, but it just goes to show that old habits never die....Dr. Drew tried to help, but i'm sick of his show now, because God, he's not, and these druggies always go backwards and hardly any of them go forward.....2 deaths this year from Celebrity Rehab, and God knows how many more to come.....very sad......nuf said.......


Good grief. It is too late to contact Child Protective Services and have them take custody of Lindsay?


I guess they both came from the same tree.


Oops, I meant Araceli E. (below)


I love Ariceli's comparison to Homer Simpson! D'oh! is right!


Both of them are complete losers, stopping adding to their publicity!


Hmmmm........Dr. Drew really helped!
Thought this schmuck was on his way to RESCUE his daughter! (?)


Wow this reminds for some reason of the Simpson's episode where if I remember correctly, homer was trying to get a donut (or coulda been something else) and he would get electric shocked...but he would never learn and understand that if he kept going to the donut..he'd get hurt. He would just keep saying D'Oh over and over. Kinda like LiLo and MiLo they keep at it and keep it and DONT LEARN from their mistakes. :/


Ya know this guy denied ever abusing Dina and her daughters for which I believe he did serve time in jail. Then he's so dumb that he turns around and abuses another "mate" proving everything Dina and her daughters said about his abuse. How can someone be so dumb? Several guys have done the same thing. Burt Reynolds for one, beat his first wife, Judy Carnes, so badly she required hospitalization. He denied it and said she was a drunken drug addict. Then he turns around and abuses Sally Fields and Loni Anderson, proving what Judy Carnes said about him. That's just plain stupidity on their part. Course if they're abusers to begin with, how can anyone expect them to ever do anything smart.


Between Milo and Lilo there is Never a dull moment. When the father is this "cussed" up and constantly in the News with yet another
run in with the law,and domestic violence with his hard as Nails lady love, how can we expect his little cub to know how to act as an adult with guidance and common sense!!

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