Michael Jackson's Final Words Were ...

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"I’d like to have some milk. Please, please give me some."

This request from Michael Jackson was eerily rehashed in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray Friday. Of course, it wasn't really milk he wanted.

That was MJ's name for thee powerful anesthetic Propofol, which he received via IV, and the one substance he believed offered what he desperately craved: sleep.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray relayed to detectives details of Jackson's last hours in a taped police interview played to jurors. The interview took place two days after MJ died.

Murray conceded that he’d been giving Jackson Propofol almost every day, though he claims only a very small dose (25 mg) was given in the pop icon's last days.

As Jackson struggled to sleep, Murray says he urged the pop star to just close his eyes and meditate, but that seemed to work for only a few minutes at a time.

Perhaps because of energy supplements Jackson was taking from another doctor, Propofol "was the only thing that worked for him," Murray says in the recording.

"I constantly cautioned him that it was an artificially induced sleep and he needed to go back to a natural pattern" and "be on your own, with milk and cookies."

Medical professionals have testified that it is unheard of to administer Propofol in somebody’s bedroom. It is normally used as an anesthetic during surgery.

Murray told detectives that MJ insisted it was crucial he get enough sleep because he was rehearsing for his "This Is It" concert tour that was only days away.

"He complained, he was going to have to cancel the (rehearsal and possibly the tour)," Murray says. "It would not satisfy his fans if he wasn’t rested well."

"I’m trying to do it the best I can and I’m trying to get help," Murray says.

Murray says he stepped away very briefly to go to the bathroom on June 25, 2009, and when he came back, the King of Pop had stopped breathing.

He says CPR was unsuccessful, so he called 911.

He says paramedics were unable to revive Jackson, so he had him transferred to UCLA Medical Center, where doctors tried for an hour to revive him.

"I love Mr. Jackson, he was my friend and he opened up to me in different ways and I wanted to help him as much as I can," Murray told the detectives.

"I was trying to wean him off the Propofol."

Defense attorneys have made the controversial assertion that Michael Jackson himself took the fatal dose of drugs that morning when Murray left the room.

Murray's girlfriends, including Sade Anding and Nicole Alvarez, have cast doubt on that theory given their timeline of phone calls made that day, though.


well, i c only SUM of us have our eyes open!!! MJ was a grown man(again). He was not forced by the Dr 2 take any drug. As a matter of fact, MJ has been popping pain pills 4 a long time, & wen 1 drug no longer works 4 u, sum ppl eventually move 2 another. F MJ loved his kids so much, he wud NOT have done drugs. & im not saying the Dr is n the clear, he shudnt have administered MJ anything that powerful, but he def shud not b the 1 blamed 4 his murder. MJ was hella rich, another Dr, f not Murray, wud have gave him what he wanted


Okay ya he might have took more than he was supposed to but you dont know what stuff he went threw so don't talk crap about people when you don't know them, it's the same thin when your party's say don't judge a book by it's cover and I'm a really good Michael jackson fan so please If you see someone that dosent look all that pretty than how do you know if she is a good person or not just looking at her appearance now listen to what I said and If you do judge people than people will judge you in your life


I think the sad thing is that doctor should have had well enough sense to tell MJ no and to help him get help with his sleep problems without drugs that can be and are fatal to people if used in the wrong ways. Then again this doctor seems to only care about the more money he could get so his solution offer up an expensive drug to be administered by him that way he could charge for the drugs as well his home visit charges. Its seems like he's a greedy selfish man who only cares for himself he says cared for Michael though I doubt he has cried or even felt half the grief and mourning that MJ's children have suffered since their fathers death.


Always want to blame health care professional y isn't any looking at mike he didn't say NO ,u know y he wanted it and if not Dr Murray some other Dr. would have its michael own fault he's dead who really needs all that crap to sleep u know who addicts mike was probably already an addict when Dr. Murray started working for him.U know after a while ur body needs more and more to achieve desired effect and his frail frame was he eating ,drug stayed in system and add another dose and u become toxic too much drug in,system guess wat u Die ex. MICHAEL JACKSON DEAD.


Araceli, you are an idiot...hello its called research and normal people research stuff like that all the time. Everyone I know can google and find out what that drug is and what it is used for. You can google crack and learn how to make it for god's sake. If someone wants something bad enough they WILL find a way. Its funny though that you say MJ didnt want to die and he had further plans...Well maybe he should not have been taking all those drugs then? Wow crazy thought I know, someone actually being accountable. Oh and btw they arent saying he committed suicide you idiot, they are saying he took MORE drugs when the doctor left. He may not have intended to kill himself, but if you take enough of something it can happen, duh.

Sally ann

I think you're right, Araceli. What disgusts me the most is that he's going through manslaughter charges instead of murder and neglect.


Why would he give him Propofol in the first place? It's given to patients who will undergo surgery IN A HOSPITAL, wth was Murray thinking? I doubt MJ googled this because I haven't read anything about Propofol being used for sleep!!!! How could he possibly know it would help him sleep?!!!! Murray got the stupid idea of using this probably because he grew tired of MJ asking him to help him sleep and instead of researching effective SAFE ways to help him he opted for the easy way out. Either way he was gonna get paid his whopping salary. And btw NO FINGERPRINTS of MJ were found on any Propofol needles. This is truley disgusting that this "Dr" would dare to say he commited suicide! How? when he LOVED his kids, when he was planning on making a MJ Childrens Hospital, when he was wanting sleep to CONTINUE his This Is It Concert Tour...For God's Sake people MJ had FUTURE PLANS!!!
He didn't want to die, to say such is absurd. I hope justice is made in his name.

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