Michael Jackson's Final Words Were ...

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"I’d like to have some milk. Please, please give me some."

This request from Michael Jackson was eerily rehashed in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray Friday. Of course, it wasn't really milk he wanted.

That was MJ's name for thee powerful anesthetic Propofol, which he received via IV, and the one substance he believed offered what he desperately craved: sleep.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray relayed to detectives details of Jackson's last hours in a taped police interview played to jurors. The interview took place two days after MJ died.

Murray conceded that he’d been giving Jackson Propofol almost every day, though he claims only a very small dose (25 mg) was given in the pop icon's last days.

As Jackson struggled to sleep, Murray says he urged the pop star to just close his eyes and meditate, but that seemed to work for only a few minutes at a time.

Perhaps because of energy supplements Jackson was taking from another doctor, Propofol "was the only thing that worked for him," Murray says in the recording.

"I constantly cautioned him that it was an artificially induced sleep and he needed to go back to a natural pattern" and "be on your own, with milk and cookies."

Medical professionals have testified that it is unheard of to administer Propofol in somebody’s bedroom. It is normally used as an anesthetic during surgery.

Murray told detectives that MJ insisted it was crucial he get enough sleep because he was rehearsing for his "This Is It" concert tour that was only days away.

"He complained, he was going to have to cancel the (rehearsal and possibly the tour)," Murray says. "It would not satisfy his fans if he wasn’t rested well."

"I’m trying to do it the best I can and I’m trying to get help," Murray says.

Murray says he stepped away very briefly to go to the bathroom on June 25, 2009, and when he came back, the King of Pop had stopped breathing.

He says CPR was unsuccessful, so he called 911.

He says paramedics were unable to revive Jackson, so he had him transferred to UCLA Medical Center, where doctors tried for an hour to revive him.

"I love Mr. Jackson, he was my friend and he opened up to me in different ways and I wanted to help him as much as I can," Murray told the detectives.

"I was trying to wean him off the Propofol."

Defense attorneys have made the controversial assertion that Michael Jackson himself took the fatal dose of drugs that morning when Murray left the room.

Murray's girlfriends, including Sade Anding and Nicole Alvarez, have cast doubt on that theory given their timeline of phone calls made that day, though.


It doesn't matter if Michael could have found another doctor to give him the Propofol. Doctors have a responsibility to look after their patients and not just do whatever dangerous or unethical thing they're asked to do. Murray knew he was dealing with an addict and if he was really serious about helping Michael wean off Propofol he should have arranged an inpatient stay somewhere this could be done safely. Anaesthetic drugs are the most dangerous thing about surgery and they should never, ever be given outside a hospital. Murray has absolutely no excuse. If he couldn't persuade Michael to wean off Propofol safely he should have walked away, not stayed there to enable his addiction, put Michael in terrible danger, and pocket huge amounts of money. I look forward to seeing him lose his medical licence once the criminal trial is over.


I miss Micheal so much!!!!!!!! It is sad that he didn't even have time to sleep just to please his "die-heated" fans...R.I.P Micheal!!!!!

Patsy collins hood

well most of us know that The Illuminati killed him. Look it up on YouTube.....Michale will tell you Himself who killed him.


i would like to totally agree with all those that are defending michael!!! i would like to say amen to all the comments well said!!!- debbie michael jackson fan forever!!!!


It's plain as day to me that Murray is selfish, greedy, arrogant, and immoral. I hope the jury sees it as well. His punishment won't even be that severe. He will probably get probation or extremely little jail time and he NEEDS to lose his medical license. If that doesn't happen, I feel sorry for the medical profession and the patients they serve if they don't promote and ENFORCE higher standards of care.


haha!! 4 real


@ms billie, right on!! Finally someone with sense and who btw doesn't need to insult many of the users on here THG in order to prove a point. I agree with you and you would know since you worked with medicine. :)

Ms billie

I have worked in the Medical field for 18 years and have never heard of this type of drug given outside of a hospital setting. When you take an oath in the medical field there's no exceptions. Your oath is to take care of your patients to the best of your ability and if you can't do it then get them the proper help from someone that can help them. I read previously that even if this man is convicted he may only spend a year in jail. What kind of justice system is that he kills a man and spends a year in jail. He should get life without the possibility of parole if California doesn't have the room in their prison then send the ****** to another state another prison.


BTW the only reason I responded to your comment was because I truley believe Michael did not give himself any dose. And I DO believe that Murray should be held responsible. If he truley cared for him why not be more careful, why not tell him straight up that Propofol was harmful. Why not stop it all together. A dr. As it states for all doctors "first, do no harm" most importantly I hope this is all settled down soon so he and his family can be at peace. Michael

Ms billie

In this case it is the health care professional's fault. Murray was "NOT" acting like a professional he knew better than to administer any dosage of Propofol outside of a hospital setting. What kind of doctor would walk out of a room leaving someone unattended after given this type of drug, certainly not a professional one. His selfish self-centered ways caused him to kill a man. I wonder how many other patients he's killed and gotten by with. I don't believe for one second that Michael gave himself that final dose. Michael hired him to take care of his medical needs not to kill him. He was working and looking forward to the tour and a long life with his kids. Michael can't be brought back nor can the pain be taken back from his kids and family. This man took an oath to help and take care of people and he broke his oath. Now it's time to pay for his greed.

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