Michael Jackson's Kids Honor Dad in Wales

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Christina Aguilera rocked the house and Jennifer Hudson no-showed, but the big story of the Michael Forever tribute concert was the appearance by his kids.

Michael Jackson's children Prince, 14, Paris, 13 and Blanket, 9, took the stage briefly in Cardiff, Wales, to introduce a live satellite performance by Beyonce.

"We're very happy to be here on this special night to honour our father," said Paris, dressed in an exact replica of the jacket MJ wore in his "Thriller" video.

Prince's outfit conjures up images of "Bad," while young Blanket went for one of his dad's more recent looks, with the long hair and the signature armband:

Michael Jackson Kids
Prince, Paris, Blanket Jackson

The legendary singer, perhaps the single most successful artist in modern music, died in 2009 aged 50 while rehearsing for a series of comeback concerts.

The Michael Forever tribute concert coincides with the involuntary manslaughter trial of the singer's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, currently underway in L.A.

Prince, Paris and Blanket have agreed to boycott coverage of the trial, though Prince has also said he will testify if called by the prosecution in the case.

Michael's brothers Jermaine and Randy boycotted the tribute show, calling it ''ill-timed'' and 'inappropriate'' given the criminal proceedings taking place.

Janet Jackson was less opposed to the show, but declined to perform because it would be "too painful". In any case, here's a video of Michael Jackson's kids ...


There are actually quite a few adorable shots of Blanket smiling at the event. Of course those never get posted.


Blanket is still very shy, like i was on that age and later too, it will change, Prince spoke good and Paris speak like she studied to accept 10 Oscars :)


Totally agree with you Ms Billie. I think it's really brave of them to do this for their dad. It must be extremely hard for them to bring back the memories. I think his children have as big a heart as their dad and they all look so beautiful btw. He must be proud of them all the way from heaven. I hope this trial settles down quick so that all his family can be left at peace.

Ms billie

Michael's kids are dealing with their fathers death the best way they know how. They've been through an extremely bad experience one no-one can fully understands unless you've been there. Not only did they lose their dad they carry the burden of seeing him lying in his bed dead. That is such a tragic thing for such young children to deal with. Thanks to that nasty killer Conrad Murray they'll live with that etched in their mind for the rest of their life. Conrad Murray I hope you "ROT" in jail for the rest of your miserable life for taking the life of a wonderful singer/father and exposing his children to your hideous crime. I applaud them for wanting to keep Michael's memory alive although them being in the public eye is against everything Michael wanted for them. Michael did everything within his power to shield them from the media and public. He truly wanted his kids to have a normal life not the kind life he grew up in. RIP Michael you were awesome!


blanket is a nickname because michael named both of his sons prince michael....so its hard to say prince and prince so they nicnamed him blanket cause michael would cover him with a blanket when they were in public to keep him from being photographed


i think they thought they should give a serious look..since it was a tribute concert. Hey, Michael named him blanket, G. Paltrow(actress) named hers apple. The stars are in their own orbit..when it comes to naming kids.


I have the same question. "Blanket" can't be literal, I think. Is it a nick-name, I hope? Does someone have insite into that name?


Life goes on an their dad would want them to celebrate his life instead of going on on about his death he wouldn't want them to be so negetive it just not good. I am very concerned about Blanket I think he was hit hardest by his father's death and he saw more that day then he is letting on and he needs more help to try to get around that big corner to try to live without dad. I also think he feels he is an outsider because he comes from a different mother. I hope and pray they are watching him very closely because he really and truely scares me.


Really? Blanket? He was obviously doing drugs when the child was born. Blanket!? He should be able to change his name now so it's not a constant reminder of his fathers spiral. Even "Apple" sounds like a good name now....



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