Melissa Gorga Dons Fat Suit, Is a Total Moron

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Melissa Gorga strolled around Times Square this week for a few hours, although even the most loyal Real Housewives of New Jersey fans would not have recognized her.

That's because the reality star donned a fat suit for a segment that will air on Entertainment Tonight Thursday. The goal? To look like a 400-pound woman and prove that society treats the overweight different than the beautiful.

  • Melissa Gorga Fat Suit Experiment
  • Melissa Gorga Bikini Pic

The real Melissa Gorga wants to set a body standard impossible for the average woman to live up to. The fake Melissa Gorga was to look like she cares.

Of course, this could have been done in another way: by featuring actual overweight women. But that wouldn't have made Gorga look like an understanding, sympathetic human being, would it?

What do you think of this fat suit feature? It's...


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"Prove that society treats the overweight different than the beautiful." Who says people that are overweight arent beautiful? Kind of an offensive action to take but I dont believe it was in intentional cruelty.


I would have looked at it more positively if Melissa Gorga, the do anything at all costs to be "on dispaly," hadn't been the celebrity they chose. If you watch the show, you know this very unnsympathetic person completely nailed her sister-in-law to the cross,(thank you Jesus as she says)to become famous. In the interum, she destroyed her 3 little nieces lives trying to destroy their Mommy.It didn't work. Teresa is stronger than ever despite her brother and his wife who are crule wanna-bes.Shame on you Melissa for yet again, displaying shallow motives for airtime. Your fifteen minutes is up. You were too cruel in the mean by which you became famous. Karma always wins in the end,.


it was disgraceful, disrespectful, insulting, and unnecessary.
That girl just wants attention at any expense. The expense of others. Expense to her husband. The expense to his family. She does not care about anybody but herself. This is clear now and has been for awhile.


I don't care if it was a stunt or not. I did think it was useful that she's a slender person in real life so the difference in treatment appeared more starkly. Yeah, you could do the same thing with an unknown overweight and an unknown slender woman. Using her wasn't necessary but surely attracts more viewers than if an unknown did the same thing. People have a good point about the pink suit - Many heavy women dress in dark colors. I certainly do. But not all of us want to. I know many heavy women who wear COLOR. They're starved for pretty clothes when they dress as I do, so some simply DON'T. They wear colors and when they do - they are subject to the treatment seen on this video. I'm an overweight woman. Whatever her motivations were - Thank you Ms. Gorga.


And why did they use a skinny person? Because not only does it show her what people say, but it shows how a skinny person is treated one way then she goes out in fat suit and is treated badly.makes no sense to be angry over sense


Oh shut up, this has been done sooo many times on shows but bc its her you bitch. It isn't just for her to realize what they go through it is for the world to see the things they go through everyday. So what if she has a nice body underneath. The point of it was to hopefully open peoples eyes to stop bullying. There was nothing wrong with this yall just wanna bitch because shes actually doing something good, helping people to realize this horrible bullying.


I love the Gorgas on RHWNJ!! I am a heavy woman and I am so SAD that melissa would do this. Its insulting, most heavy people try to cover their bodies not make them stand out in skin tight bright pink sweat suit. She has a models figure she will never be in my shoes or know how I got there. Very disappointing


perhaps they should have put her in normal clothes! Of course people are gonna stare when your are wearing a hot pink bubble gum track suit!


I agree, how could she possibly feel what real overweight woman have to deal with on a daily bases? It seems like a good idea but it would never work or be effective because she knows that if they call her names or look at her weird that underneath it all she has a fine fit body. If anything it's just as if she's wearing a Halloween costume. Being laughed at won't bother her. Hey, she might as well use this for Halloween. I mean if she meant well with this, well that's nice but like I said she can't understand what true large woman feel like unless she was large herself. And I would def not recommend gaining exessive weight to experiance it hands down. They shouldve just used real large women. :)


Totally Unnecessary!!
ET could have done that segment any day of the week featuring tried and true women who have weight issues. A few years ago, Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow did a film call Shallow Hal, and this topic was brought into the public's eye. Melissa is an attractive woman, but donning a fat suit, while knowing that she has an attractive persona was a very ugly thing to do. PEACE!!